One Piece: Some aesthetic differences between anime and Netflix live action

They say that the devil is in the details and if we go to the world where even the “fruits of the devil” exist, one piece It is a series where a large number of details are kept, which now want to be recreated in the live action of one piece and for which we will now take the time to point out.

True, we still do not have a trailer for the live action series of one piece, but what we can take a look at is the scenery that allowed us to see the first sneak peek from the series Presented a couple of weeks ago on Netflix Geeked, a video where we saw some of the most emblematic ships and places that we will see in the first episodes of the series: the Foosha Village, Mr. Goose, the Going Merry and finally the Baratie.

We know that these are not all landmarks that are covered in the first arcs of one piece, but they are the ones who showed us this time those of Tomorrow Studios, who in fact, also mention that they are working in Nami’s room in Arlong Park. Said and done we will give it.

Villa Foosha

Although at first glance it may not be perceived, the Foosha village could be one of the places with the most changes for the live action adaptation of OnePiece. While in the anime/manga it looks like a quaint, laid-back town sitting on dry land, Netflix’s live-action seems to make the most of its location near the sea by portraying the Villa Foosha as a port town full of bridges, stairs and paths that interconnect between them.

Of course, the windmills that appear in the hometown of the protagonist are preserved intact.

Photo: special (Toei Animation/Netflix)

Mr. Goose and Going Merry

Ships are home to pirate gangs and the previous sneak peek let us see the “facades” of Alvida’s ships and Monkey D Luffy. While Alvida’s ship remains with many of its attributes intact, the cute goat of the Going Merry went through a metamorphosis in its live action version and now pluce like a real ram.

It goes without saying that this is the main ship of the series and will accompany the Straw Hat crew for a long time. On the other hand, in the concept art we can see a slightly different version of the crew’s Jolly Roger, so both points will be the focus of many comments of all kinds.

Photo: special (Toei Animation/Netflix)


The Baratie is one of the most famous places in the East Blue as it is the first restaurant in the middle of the sea, a place where any sea traveler can find delicious food and rest. The concept of Netflix is ​​very interesting to analyze since, within the animethe Baratie had a certain prestige as an upscale restaurant.

This idea was taken to the extreme turn the place into a luxurious restaurant set inside a gigantic pirate ship. The architecture of the Netflix version is imposing and it seems that this place will be used in more than a couple of episodes of the One Piece live action; after all we can hear that his tavern (a place not seen in the anime or manga) “will become Zoro’s favorite place for a while”.

Photo: special (Toei Animation/Netflix)

These changes are only aesthetic and therefore a portion of what the One Piece live action series represents as a whole (script, performance, characters, etc.). The truth is that on the production side it is an imposing scale, to the point that it is being compared to the production of a “Marvel movie” (or even more!) According to some reports.


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