One Piece: Spoiler of chapter 1031 of the manga, Sanji loses control and Big Mom fights back

One Piece continues to take fans on a long journey in search of the last island on the map. Every day we are closer to seeing Luffy become the Pirate king, and his companions see their dreams come true. Today, we are close to chapter 1031 of the manga, fans are waiting to see new content from the anime very soon, especially episode number 1000. Anyway, here are the first ones One Piece manga chapter 1031 spoilers.

Chapter 1031 of the One Piece manga, shows us all the Straw Hats in their fight in Wano. We know that, at this moment, Luffy is fighting against Kaido above the castle of Onnigashima. The other crew members are in combat with Kaido’s troops and Big Mom but there is someone who stands out in this chapter.

Sanji, the crew’s cook, is fighting Queen, but it seems like something’s up. Sanji he meets a woman on the floor who is afraid to see Sanji approaching. Sanji wonders if he attacked her, this is when Sanji starts yelling that he doesn’t want to be like his brothers and tells Zoro that, if he loses his mind and begins to attack everyone, that he does not hesitate to kill him.

Just here, Sanji He takes the Raid Suit while Queen yells “What are you doing!” After this, we move on to the scene where Big Mom is fighting against Law and KidThey are very tired after having used the awakening of their fruits. Law asks Kid if his awakening maintains its power after being used, to which Kid does not respond.

Right after this, Big Mom uses one of her powers to heal herself, according to the leak, Big Mom subtracted 1 year from her life expectancy to be able to continue fighting. By doing this, his power is greatly increased and his wounds can heal. Big Mom stands up and begins to bring more objects to life around her to destroy Kid and Law.