One Piece Star Celebrates His Own Birthday With Real Sanji Cake

All of the Straw Hat Pirates had the opportunity to shine in the final arc of A play, the war for Wano, including Luffy’s favorite boss in Sanji. With the Straw Hat recently celebrating his birthday, the legendary anime chef’s Brazilian voice actor took the opportunity to celebrate in the best possible way by creating a cake that brings Sanji to life in a whole new way. As Sanji faces many challenges throughout the Wano arc, fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the Vinsmoke clan member makes it out alive.

During the final arc of the Shonen franchise created by Eiichiro Oda, the Straw Hat Pirates had their hands full in the fight against Kaido and his Beast Pirates in an effort to liberate the borders of the isolated nation known as Wano in the world. While Luffy currently watches as the captain of the Beast Pirates, each of the Straw Hat Pirates had their own battle to fight during this battle royale, with Sanji recently battling the nefarious abilities of the Beast Pirate known as Queen. Surprisingly, during the one-on-one fight, Sanji’s background was explored in more detail, with Queen having quite a few tricks up her sleeve related to the Vinsmoke family.

Sanji’s Brazilian voice actor A playWendell Bezerra, shared an image of the Sanji cake he helped create to honor the Straw Hat leader’s birthday, with the actor also known for giving voice to Goku from dragonball fame, and Spongebob Squarepants in a surprising twist:

Sanji’s Brazilian VA had this cake made for Sanji’s birthday from
A play

While Netflix is ​​currently working on a live-action adaptation of A play for his streaming service, young actor Taz Skylar is set to represent Sanji in this new venture. Taking the opportunity to show off his training to kick Sanji, Taz also shared videos showing him getting into the cooking spirit, even sharing dishes with actor Inaki Godoy who will play the role of Monkey D. Luffy.

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