One Piece streaming: how to watch The Adventures of Luffy on Netflix?

Find out how to stream Netflix on Netflix with this great plan

The most popular manga in the world, One Piece has established itself among the general public thanks to its television adaptation and its exceptional longevity. Find out how to watch One Piece in streaming on Netflix thanks to this good plan.

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“Fortune, Glory and Power, this man had amassed all the wealth in the world. His name Gold Roger, king of the pirates. “My Treasure? I leave it to you if you want to FIND IT! I left it somewhere in this world. These phrases spoken during the opening credits of the episodes rocked millions and millions of people around the world. If the anime is a real success, the One Piece manga has become an institution over the years.

Luffy, Nami, Franky, Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Chopper, Usopp and Brook. Here is the composition of the straw hat crew whose adventures you are invited to follow across the seas around the world. Faced with the Navy, the Grand Corsairs and the Emperors, the path will be strewn with pitfalls for Captain Luffy to realize his dream of becoming the King of the Pirates. An equally impressive success for the television adaptation with so far more than 1000 episodes already broadcast.

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In France, Netflix unfortunately does not have the rights to broadcast One Piece. But there is a trick to follow the adventures of Luffy and his crew in streaming and HD quality via Netflix. Indeed, the Japanese catalog of the American giant has the entirety of One Piece. To access Netflix’s Japanese catalog, you will need an IP address positioned in Japan and that’s where NordVPN comes in.

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