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Released in Japan in 2009 and then in cinemas in France in 2011, “One Piece: Strong World” is finally available on Netflix. Indeed, the tenth animated film of the famous franchise “One Piece” ofEiichiro Oda lands on March 15, 2022 on the American streaming platform. Something to delight fans who will finally be able to discover or see again on their screens this great adventure of Luffy and his crew on Strong World.

A film supervised by Eiichirō Oda in person

Unlike previous animated films dedicated to the universe of “One Piece”, the famous mangaka, Eiichiro Oda made a point of supervising in person the realization of this tenth film. Titled “One Piece: Strong World,” the film also marks the tenth anniversary of the manga. oda wrote the story as well as the character designs himself. From what we know, the plot of the film takes place between theBow Thriller Bark and theBow Sabaody since we find brook alongside Luffy’s Pirates. What’s more, Sengoku and garp are still in the Navy as Admiral-in-Chief and Vice-Admiral. It is also the most popular film of “One Piece” because when it was released in the land of the rising sun, the first 1.5 million Japanese spectators who went to see it received “Volume 0” of the manga. . For those who are not yet aware, this “Volume 0” is a prequel to the world of pirates 20 years ago. It is thus directly linked to the film since it recounts the fight of the King of the Pirates Gold Roger against the hacker Golden Lion Shiki.

“One Piece: Strong World”, what is the plot?

While he has been sailing for quite some time with his crew on the seas in search of the famous “One Piece”, Luffy decides to put their adventures on hold to return to East Blue. The reason ? Several attacks on various islands linked to the Straw Hat crew have been reported in the newspapers. However, upon arriving at the scene of the attacks, a mysterious flying pirate ship appears from the sky. This is the crew of Shiki the Golden Lionthe legendary pirate who managed to escape from the great underwater prison ofImpel Down. A famous pirate whose reputation is comparable to that of the “Lord of the Pirates” Gold Roger and the Pirate Emperor, White beard. The latter pretended to be dead for 20 years to prepare his revenge on the whole world. To do this, he decides to remove NamiLuffy’s navigator and takes him to Strong Worlda wild island that shiki created in heaven. Separated from each other, the members of Luffy’s crew will have to fight against gigantic animals and against the legendary pirate to deliver Nami.

“One Piece: Red”, when is the release?

On the occasion of this release of the eleventh animated film of One Piece on Netflix, many fans are probably wondering when the release of “One Piece: Red”, the fifteenth feature film of the manga, is planned. Well, as already announced on November 21, 2021 by the production during the celebration of the 1000th episode of One Piece, the new film is already in production. And its release date in Japan has already been set for August 6, 2022. However, no date has yet been announced for the release of the fifteenth anime film in Western countries. On the other hand, we already know that the plot of “One Piece: Red” will be mainly centered on Shanks the Red, one of the cult characters of the manga. Moreover, in the trailer that we were able to discover a few months ago, a woman that we do not yet know will also be there. To learn more about the story, we will have to wait to discover the final trailer. In the meantime, fans can already (re) see “One Piece: Strong World” which is finally available on Netflix from March 15, 2022.