One Piece surpassed Stranger Things and The Dragon House as the most watched series during 2022

one piecework created by Eiichiro Odahas finally entered its final stretch after a long four years recounting the events of the Wano arc and although for now this has only happened in the manga, the truth is that the anime in charge of Toei Animation increased its level of popularity because it already began to adapt the last arc of the aforementioned saga.

The year 2022 was one of the best for one piece in a long time since in addition to marking the 25th anniversary of the manga that originated this entire franchise and the premiere of its most recent film “Film Red”, it was also the period in which the much-loved 1000th chapter of the manga was adapted and in the which started the final war between the samurais of Wano and the forces of the yonkou Kaido.

One Piece was the most watched series of 2022

Of course, the fact that the pirate story starring Monkey D Luffy and the rest of the crew of the Mugiwara is already in its last stage (although the manga still has a few years left) and the aforementioned special events seem to have revived people’s interest in the animated series of one piece and that is why it was consolidated as the most watched series in the world during 2022.

According to the data provided by the entertainment portal TV Timethe animated adaptation of one piece broke records last year, beating Western series the caliber of stranger things Netflix, the house of the dragon from HBO and the walking dead from AMC, to name just a few.

In the report, the portal indicates that it used the data of millions of users worldwide to prepare this ranking. However, it is important to highlight that since they also considered series that have already finished their broadcast as Grey’s Anatomy of ABC and The office of NBC, the first position of one piece on the list would be because it has more than 1,000 episodes, constituting much more content than its competitors.

Other One Piece achievements in 2022

In addition to being at the top of its ranking of most viewed series in 2022, TV Time he also featured a list of the most popular fictional characters of the year. In this opportunity, one piece could also add an achievement since Monkey D Luffythe protagonist of this work, obtained third place in the category and was the only animated character present in this shortlist.

Ahead of Luffy are Wednesday Addams played by Jenna Ortega for the series merlin from Netflix and elevenplayed by Millie Bobby Brown, for the series stranger things from the same streaming platform. Other characters are Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from The officeThomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) de Peaky Blinders and Steven Grant/Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) from moonknight.

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