One Piece Symphony: The cinema-concerts arrive in France (and in Belgium, and in Switzerland)

By sydney

– Posted on 28 Sep 2022 at 13:26

The month of October will be full of One Piece, with many cine-concerts scheduled in several French-speaking countries!

You don’t get bored when you’re a One Piece fan. It must be said that the last few months have been full of events that have delighted fans across the planet. There was obviously the ultra-popular film One Piece RED, released this summer, and who blew all the numbers from the previous films. Those who have their noses in the series can testify to the huge chain revelations that Eiichiro Oda offers us, as again last week with the appearance of the great scientist Vegapunk. But that’s not all. If you were looking for a new One Piece event to offer you in the coming weeks, then you will be delighted by the One Piece Symphony cincé-concerts which are arriving in several French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland) during this month of October!

For those who do not know the concept, it is a concert during which a pianist takes over the most famous pieces of the series, with projected in large screen format at the same time the cult moments of One Piece related to the music . For those interested, the schedule is as follows:

  • Brussels, Friday 21 October
  • Lille, Saturday October 22
  • Nantes, Sunday October 23
  • Bordeaux, Monday October 24,
  • Aix-en-Provence, Wednesday October 26
  • Lyon, Thursday October 27
  • Geneva, Friday 28 October
  • And finally Paris, Saturday November 5

A café-concert at an interesting price

And if the event should attract, the fact remains that the organizers have apparently wanted to remain affordable, since access to this concert is made with a single price ticket, 34 euros, and this in all the cities of the program. When we compare with the prices for going to see a simple film at the cinema, the offer is interesting.

And you then, are you hyped by this concert event?