One Piece Teams Up With Dr. Stone Artist For Nami Art

Dr Stone may have just ended, but that doesn’t mean the artists responsible for science history are done with the medium of manga, with one in particular set to return to the world of Grand Line. A play is set to release a new story focusing on Nami of the Straw Hat Pirates, and the artist responsible for Ace’s storyBoichi, is set to make a return to the franchise in the story to be released next month.

Nami had a rocky day in the final arc of A play in the “War For Wano,” joining his fellow Straw Hat Pirates in the fight against Kaido, his Beast Pirates, Big Mom, and the pint-sized Shogun known as Orochi. Aiding Zeus, the often lovable Big Mom cloud who followed her around and aided her in battles, Nami seems to have a new sidekick who might be floating around the Straw Hats for quite some time to come. With the anime and manga currently in the thick of the fight within the Isolated Nation, fans are wondering if Nami and the Straw Hat Pirates will make it out of this arc alive.

The official Twitter account of A play shared a first look at the upcoming A play post slated for release next month, April, which alludes to Nami facing off against the only female member of the military organization known as Cipher Pol in a story aptly titled “Nami vs Califa”:

While Dr Stone has already ended, A play is still going strong, though Eiichiro Oda has stated in the past that he plans to conclude Luffy’s journey becoming the Pirate King within the next few years. While Oda originally said it would be around five years, who’s to say if the story will stick to that timeline or not.

What do you think of Boichi’s return to the world of Grand Line? Did you think Ace’s spin-off story was a worthy addition to the Straw Hats mythos? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Grand Line.