One Piece: The 10 Creepiest Characters, Ranked

It must be recognized that the world of One Piece It is a strange and off the beaten path place that is full of strange characters with unique and sometimes silly personality quirks. However, despite their weirdness, many of them fit quite well, as the world is just as strange as they are, but some characters in this anime cross the line into some pretty creepy territory.

Sometimes it is due to his strange appearance, or his terrifying strength, or a rather intimidating personality, or even all three things wrapped in one. Either way, One Piece has seen some creepy characters over the years.

10 the Charlotte Opera looks like a sticky mess

Charlotte Opera is one of the many sons of Big Mom and one of the many officers of the Big Mom Pirates, who is also known as the “Minister of Cream” in their main Totto Land territory. While he may not be the best Big Mom Pirates fighter, he is one of the weirdest looking ones, completely covered in half-melted cream, which gives Charlotte a rather unpleasant look.

With a confident and analytical personality, that weird gooey appearance, and the power to create and manipulate the cream, Opera may not be the most intimidating villain on. One Piece, but the design of his character is a combo between the strange and the creepy, even by the standards of this anime.

9 Caribou’s twisted actions match his creepy looks1634545964 849 One Piece The 10 Creepiest Characters Ranked.webp

Wethair Caribou was one of the first new enemies the Straw Hats faced after the two-year timeskip, and a rather creepy one. This co-captain of the Caribou Pirates earned his reputation for being a ruthless assassin, justifying it with his belief in God and doing it all with that haunting permanent smile on his face.

His swamp fruit powers also allow him to turn his body into a murky, muddy, bottomless swamp that he can use to suffocate his enemies and store just about anything he needs. He can even use it to kidnap people, like when he planned to sell the mermaids from the Isle of Man Fish.

8 Dellinger is truly bloodthirsty1634545964 498 One Piece The 10 Creepiest Characters Ranked.webp

Despite being a member of Doflamingo’s crew, Dellinger almost seems too scrawny and carefree to be threatening, but his attitude in battle says otherwise. This half-human, half-fighter fishman is quite bloodthirsty when given the chance, and he shows no mercy no matter how strong or weak his opponent is.

Dellinger believes that strength does good and is also fairly confident in his abilities. Not only does he have the savage fighting skills that back him up most of the time, but he does so with sharp fangs and a sadistic gaze.

7 Hody Jones, a monster without a cause1634545964 496 One Piece The 10 Creepiest Characters Ranked.webp

Hody Jones was the main antagonist of the Isle of Fishman arc, who at first appeared to be a rebel with ideals. Hody committed a host of horrific atrocities across the Isle of Fish-Men to stoke fear and hatred of humans in his companions, all while taking energy steroids that made him look more and more like a monster.

Between Hody’s strength and his increasingly monstrous appearance, the most terrifying thing about Hody might be the reasons for his actions. They do not come from desire for revenge or experience, Hody does not justify his actions with more than pure hatred of humans, calling it the same as pride.

6 Sugar may seem innocent, but it’s anything but that1634545964 972 One Piece The 10 Creepiest Characters Ranked.webp

At first, Sugar seems like a normal and innocent girl, but appearances are deceptive. In reality, Sugar is much older than she looks, and anything but innocent. As a key component in helping Doflamingo gain control of Dressrosa, Sugar uses her Devil Fruit powers to turn anyone who opposes into a toy, not only subjecting them to harsh tasks but erasing their memory.

Although she does act like a child from time to time, Sugar is terribly smart and wildly cruel to anyone who gets in her way. Sugar may not seem intimidating, but his actions, his powers, and his personality mean everything to her.

5 Gecko Moria tries hard to be creepy1634545965 757 One Piece The 10 Creepiest Characters Ranked.webp

A former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and captain of the Terror Cortege Pirates, the ghoulish Gecko Moria is as fearsome as he is creepy. With an army of the undead at his command and the gigantic, creepy Thriller Bark Moria is definitely going for it on that creepy theme of his.

With his Devil Fruit power over shadows, Moria can animate his own shadow or steal other people’s shadow to transfer to his minions or empower himself. In doing so, the original owner of that shadow becomes weak in the sunlight, forcing him to regain his shadow in some way or to remain in the dark forever, as was the case with many of his victims.

4 Dr. Hogback, a man with a sick obsession1634545965 543 One Piece The 10 Creepiest Characters Ranked.webp

Dr. Hogback is a renowned surgeon who teamed up with Gecko Moria to further his research and, quite possibly, bring the dead back to life, which he succeeded up to a point. Combining his own genius with the powers of Moria, he created the army of zombies, sewing scraps and reanimating them, not unlike the story of Frankenstein.

Although he is not as powerful as Moria, what makes Hogback so creepy is a mixture of his disdain for his patients and his creation and his unhealthy obsessions, especially with his beloved Cindry, who rejected him in life. Hogback revived her as a zombie only to make her his servant and abuse her, proving how little he cared other than her beauty.

3 The clown Ceasar puts the “madman” in the mad scientist1634545965 158 One Piece The 10 Creepiest Characters Ranked.webp

Sick, twisted and cruel are some of the many words that describe the clown Caesar. Cesar is a scientist driven solely by his own desire to cause pain, suffering, and destruction to whatever he sets his mind to. He lacks any shred of empathy, indulging in the destruction his weapons cause and subjecting even children to devious and gruesome experiments.

To back up his monstrous actions, his appearance is also quite ghoulish, pale, and ghostly thanks to his Gas Fruit power, while having a crazy grin on his face most of the time. His power over gas in all its forms is not laughable either.

2 Many fear the violent and voracious mom1634545965 346 One Piece The 10 Creepiest Characters Ranked.webp

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates and one of the Four Emperors of the New World, and she has definitely earned it. In addition to her large size, she is extremely strong (known for taking down battleships effortlessly on her own) and practically starving at all times. Many fear Big Mom for her destructive actions when she is hungry.

With the Soul-Soul Fruit, Big Mom is also capable of stealing the souls of anyone who feels fear. He can transplant those souls into things that act like his servants, such as Moria, though he can also take away his victim’s remaining life time and kill her instantly. Terrifying power in the hands of a terrifying pirate.

1 The Lily Carnation is more than horrifying1634545965 981 One Piece The 10 Creepiest Characters Ranked.webp

At first, Lily the Carnation looks like a pretty, harmless little flower, but Lily’s true form reveals her true nature. Using Omatsuri as a host, Lily consumes people, absorbing them into herself and taking their powers along with her, becoming more gruesome as she grows and becomes more powerful.

During the movie Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, Lily absorbed the Straw Hat crew in a chilling display and nearly killed Luffy while also fighting Omatsuri. While many of the villains de One Piece They can have a silly and comical side, Lily is one hundred percent a monster whose only instinct is to consume.