One Piece: The 10 Luckiest Moments, Ranked

One Piece It is full of comedic, emotional and action-packed moments. It also features some of the luckiest characters ever seen in anime. Whether they dodge imminent death or emerge victorious in an impossible fight, the characters in One Piece they always seem to have luck on their side.

If luck had not intervened, many of these moments could have changed the set of One Piece and have led to very different outcomes for the characters. Other moments made for brilliant character development that added more to the story. Whatever the reason, some moments have become the most memorable in the series.

10 Luffy Survives Magellen’s Venom

Despite Bon Clay’s pleas, Luffy goes ahead with his fight against Magellen. With his poison abilities, Magellen is legitimately untouchable, but the only way to deal damage to him is with a direct hit. Luffy risks doing so, but it is useless as Magellen quickly recovers. Soon enough, Luffy is immobilized due to the amount of poison he has absorbed, and is surely about to succumb to the poison’s toxins. Luckily, Luffy is in the care of Ivankov, who is able to perform a treatment for the poison, which only has a 2-3% survival rate. Despite this slim chance of success, Luffy survives and gains immunity to most poisons, which comes in handy throughout the rest of the series.

9 Luffy’s fight against Enel1642848450 612 One Piece The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

Enel had insane power, the people of Skypeia considered him a literal God. With his immense lightning-based Devil Fruit, Enel defeated half of the Straw Hats with ease, until he encountered Luffy. With half of his crew badly injured, Luffy was filled with rage and did not hold back against Enel.

As Nami pointed out, with Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu no Mi, it was resistant to Enel’s beam, no matter how powerful the voltage was. Rubber and lightning retract naturally, and Enel was out of range. Luffy finished him off without a hitch and was the only person to come out of a fight with him unscathed.

8 A Missing Lightning Saves Luffy From Being Executed1642848450 475 One Piece The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

While in Loguetown, Luffy meets Buggy again, who decides to get revenge on him by ordering his execution. That day a thunderstorm was approaching. As if on cue, lightning struck the execution platform just as Buggy prepared to strike Luffy. This leaves everyone stunned and whether it’s an act of God, a natural oddity, or just good timing, even Luffy says that luck must have been on his side that day.

7 Reiju saves Luffy’s life1642848451 613 One Piece The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

Luffy miraculously survives another poison attack thanks to someone with the ability to reverse the effects being nearby. He was saved by Sanji’s sister Reiju. The Straw Hats catch a giant fish, but with their cook not present, they don’t know if the fish is safe to eat. Chopper finds Sanji’s cooking notes, but before he can warn Luffy of the fish’s poisonous skin, the fish takes a bite. Just then a Germa ship passes by, coincidentally carrying Poison Pink on board. Luffy was literally minutes away from death. If Reiju hadn’t been there to extract the poison from her body, it might have been the end of her.

6 Usopp Awakens His Observation Haki To Save Luffy And Law1642848451 624 One Piece The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

Despite Usopp’s poor fighting history, he still has dreams of becoming a brave warrior of the sea. This moment is a great example of Ussop gaining the courage to become a warrior. Sugar is about to trick Luffy and Law, so Usopp has to act fast. Unfortunately, he can’t handle the pressure of a bunch of people going after him, plus the possibility of failing, and risking Luffy’s life.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as his Observation Haki kicks in and he can suddenly see Sugar, Law, and Luffy’s presence perfectly. This gives you the precise point you needed. He accurately predicted every aspect of his plan and executed it perfectly. He showed that he has some amazing skills as a sniper, even without Haki.

5 Going Merry Saves The Straw Hats1642848451 354 One Piece The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

After rescuing Robin from Enies’ lobby, the Straw Hats found themselves surrounded by Marines. Once their escape ship was destroyed, there was no way out. At that moment, Usopp heard a familiar voice telling them to jump into the water, and with no other choice, they all agreed to do as that mysterious voice said. It turns out that it was Merry who had somehow managed to sail to rescue them and save them all just in time.

4 Usopp Defeats Sugar And Becomes A God1642848451 656 One Piece The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

Sugar has a terrifyingly powerful ability that she masters. When Usopp accidentally scared her, she passed out. He unknowingly saved half of Dressrosa from a life of toys. This fateful act was so shocking that Usopp was considered a God by all the people who. Usopp’s saint status was only the result of a collapsed ceiling casting a holy light on him while being lifted up by a giant. What makes this lucky moment one of the best is that it wasn’t planned at all and was the result of being in the right place at the right time.

3 Luffy Saves Law During His Fight Against Doflamingo1642848452 993 One Piece The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

Law finally gets his hands on Doflamingo and manages to seriously injure him. Driven to finish off what Cora-san couldn’t, Law gives it his all in hopes of finally defeating Doffy. Unfortunately, the injuries received end up taking their toll. He is immobilized and is about to be finished off by Doflamingo with one last blow. Luckily, Luffy intervenes at the last moment and challenges Doffy with a one-on-one Haki match. It’s easy to assume that if Luffy hadn’t been there during this fight, Law wouldn’t have gotten out of it alive.

2 Luffy awakens his Conqueror’s Haki in Marineford1642848452 985 One Piece The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

Luffy’s entire involvement in Marineford was a fluke, but this moment couldn’t have come at a better time. As the war continues, Ace’s execution is set to take place. Luffy still has a long way to go to reach Ace in time, with a bunch of Marines in his way.

Luffy is desperate at this point and in his moment of desperation, he awakens his Conqueror’s Haki without realizing it. This revelation doesn’t change the end result of Marineford much, but it was a moment that unexpectedly came to Luffy’s aid when he needed it most.

1 The Straw Hats survive their fight against Bartholomew Kuma1642848452 990 One Piece The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

After facing Oars and Gecko Moria, the Straw Hats were exhausted and on edge, then Bartholomew Kuma arrives. Kuma not only has phenomenal fighting ability, but is also intelligent and calculating. He is a great connoisseur of the sea, a Warlord and a former member of the Revolutionary Army. The fact that the Straw Hats managed to survive facing him on two separate occasions is a miracle. Zoro’s consciousness after facing him was a miracle in itself. It’s also worth mentioning how lucky the crew was that Kuma sent each of them to places where they could best strengthen their abilities during the two-year timeskip.