One Piece: The 10 Most Humble Characters, Ranked

The world of One Pi ece focuses heavily on pirates who go to sea in search of the great treasure left by the Pirate King, known as One Piece. After his death, countless pirates took to the seas, making the time more turbulent than ever, filled with cruel pirates, ruthless marines and other superb characters.

Despite this, there are quite a few humble characters in the world of One Piece who are extremely polite, self-aware, and don’t consider themselves the most important people.

10 King Cobra cared a lot for the people of Alabasta

Nefertari Cobra is the king of Alabasta and one of the most important characters in the world of One Piece. Being a descendant of the Nefertari family, he is one of the founding families of the World Government. Cobra occupies an extremely important position, but does not consider himself more important than his subjects. According to him, a country is its people, and it does what a just king must do to ensure the survival of its people. Without a doubt, Cobra is one of the most humble people in history.

9 King Riku was willing to die for the people of Dressrosa1638178947 98 One Piece The 10 Most Humble Characters Ranked.webp

The King of Dressrosa, King Riku, belongs to the Riku family, who took over Dressrosa when the Donquixote family moved to the Holy Land from Mariejois after the formation of the World Government. Riku is an extremely humble person, and despite the fact that Dressrosa is quite poor, all the inhabitants of the country are happy under her rule. Riku considers himself as important as a commoner and people trust him a lot, going so far as to give him all their money in times of need.

8 Sanji doesn’t value himself above his peers1638178947 709 One Piece The 10 Most Humble Characters Ranked.webp

Cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is one of the kindest characters in the world of One Piece., and also very humble. Having lived a terrible life growing up with the Vinsmoke family, Sanji has a soft and kind heart. He also spent 85 days stranded at sea with nothing to eat, which taught him the value of food. Sanji feeds everyone no matter if he is your friend or foe, and he is one of the most likeable characters in history.

7 Koby is very humble to everyone around him1638178947 406 One Piece The 10 Most Humble Characters Ranked.webp

Naval officer, Koby was once a captive on the pirate ship Alvida until Luffy freed him. From there, Koby decided to fight for his dream and became a Marine. Despite having very lofty goals, like becoming a Navy Admiral, Koby is very humble.

He is extremely polite to everyone and respects all of his elders. Koby also has a strong sense of justice and will lay down his life for the people without a second thought, as seen during Marineford’s arc of One Piece.

6 Rebecca never meant to hurt those who hated her1638178948 550 One Piece The 10 Most Humble Characters Ranked.webp

Rebecca is the former crown princess of the Kingdom of Dressrosa and one of the central characters in the Dressrosa arc of One Piece. Although she belongs to royalty, Rebecca was raised by Scarlett and Kyros in secret after the princess ran away with her husband. Her mother taught her not to be rude to others, and her father taught her to defend herself without hurting others. She spent quite a bit of time fighting in the Colosseum for Dressrosa’s sake, but mostly to live a proper life with her father, the Toy Soldier.

5 Mansherry saved countless lives at the cost of her energy1638178948 732 One Piece The 10 Most Humble Characters Ranked.webp

The princess of the Tontatta tribe, Mansherry is an extremely kind and humble character, as seen towards the end of the Dressrosa arc. Mansherry was imprisoned by the Donquixote Family and used for her ability to heal others, but thanks to the Straw Hat Pirates, she was finally released. Despite being a princess, Mansherry never refused to help anyone, and although humans weren’t great for the Tontatta tribe, she did help heal everyone after the battle.

4 Dalton is considered a commoner1638178949 927 One Piece The 10 Most Humble Characters Ranked.webp

King of Drum Island, Dalton is an exemplary character in the world of One Piece. Despite being a King, Dalton refuses to live in Drum Castle, believing that he is as important as his subjects and no more.

He helps his people at every opportunity and strives to never fail them. Dalton is as good a king as anyone else and his role in the Reverie showed how much he cares for the people of the world.

3 Nefertari Vivi has all the qualities of a humble person1638178949 777 One Piece The 10 Most Humble Characters Ranked.webp

Princess of the Kingdom of Alabasta, Vivi has inherited all the good qualities of her father and, like him, believes that a country is its people. Vivi is extremely kind and very mature, even more than a pirate captain at times. He cares about all the people who live in his country and despite being royalty, he would do everything possible to protect his people, as seen in the Alabasta arch of One Piece.

2 Jinbe was willing to pay for his mistakes with his life1638178949 840 One Piece The 10 Most Humble Characters Ranked.webp

Jinbe, the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, is quite a humble character despite having seen countless horrors in the human world. Jinbe has suffered at the hands of humans, like most Fishmen, but he knows how to look beyond the prejudices between the two races. If it is his fault, he is willing to pay even with his life, and is kind enough to bow to others if it is for the greater good.

1 Shirahoshi is the most humble of One Piece1638178950 681 One Piece The 10 Most Humble Characters Ranked.webp

Shirahoshi is the princess of Fishman Island and one of the most humble characters in history. Shirahoshi was a cry baby since she was little and therefore needed constant care and attention as a child. Also, being Poseidon, her family had to be especially careful with her and protect her from all those who had bad intentions, such as Vander Decken IX. Growing up, Shirahoshi inherited her mother’s kind and humble heart and her humble demeanor surprised even people like Jinbe.