One Piece: The 10 Most Immature Characters, Ranked

One Pieceby Eiichiro Oda is the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who sets sail to become the King of the Pirates during the Great Age of the Pirates. Leading the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy has grown into one of the most capable pirate captains over the years, and fans have met a host of characters throughout his journey.

Despite being a pirate story that has several dark themes, Oda’s One Piece also features incredible comedy that is often associated with some of the most surprising yet immature characters.

10 Luffy has grown up a lot but is often childish

Luffy is by no means a child. In a world where he is one of the greatest criminals at the age of 17, Luffy has to mature quite early, and at 19 he has become someone capable of protecting countries and fighting the Yonko. However, deep down, Luffy’s personality is very childish. Sometimes the most ignorant ideas occur to him, and other times, he acts as if he is hardly interested in listening to serious conversation. He was fooled by people like Sogeking, and has some immature tendencies despite being the more mature pirate captain at times.

9 Plague Queen is very childish when it comes to Oshiruko and the parties1633430637 598 One Piece The 10 Most Immature Characters Ranked.webp

Queen is one of Kaido’s three right hands, and has a bounty of 1.32 billion berries on his head, making him a fearsome pirate. Yet at the same time, Queen is very immature. Despite being a dangerous pirate, Queen is very attached to Oshiruko and would even fight a Yonko over her. At the same time, he loves being an artist and dancing whenever he can. He also writes songs to dance and is considered very airheaded by people like King. Also, Queen is very comical, and his overly animated facial expressions make him look quite immature at times.

8 Franky, the owner of the Straw Hat Pirates, does some questionable things1633430637 769 One Piece The 10 Most Immature Characters Ranked.webp

Franky joined the Straw Hat Pirates after the events of the Enies Lobby arc. Although he was a man who ran the underworld of Water Seven, he was very immature at the same time. Even now, she continues to act immature, and her dancing during her performance makes that very clear. He openly claims to be a pervert and at the same time, he has made some questionable improvements to his body, such as installing lights on his nipples and performing strange hairstyles by pressing his nose. Yet these are precisely the aspects of his character that fans adore.

7 Usopp is the biggest liar of the Straw Hat Pirates1633430637 557 One Piece The 10 Most Immature Characters Ranked.webp

Usopp is the shooter for the Straw Hat Pirates crew, and has grown into an incredible pirate over the years.

Since he was introduced, Usopp had a habit of playing pranks and lying to people, which painted him as immature to some extent. Two years later, Usopp has certainly grown more mature, but like Luffy, his childish demeanor often emerges in each arc, especially since Oda loves to use his gags to act out comedy in the story.

6 Foxy the silver fox uses immature but effective tactics in battle1633430637 508 One Piece The 10 Most Immature Characters Ranked.webp

Foxy made her debut in One Piece during the Long Ring Long Land arc, where he participated in a Davy Back Fight with the Straw Hat Pirates. Although he was known to be a ruthless pirate who robbed all crews with his tricks in the Davy Back Fight, he was still very goofy. His fighting tactics were very immature but effective at the same time. In the end, Foxy lost the battle against the Straw Hat Pirates and has since become an even funnier character.

5 Buggy is a clown who participates in many gags1633430637 324 One Piece The 10 Most Immature Characters Ranked.webp

Buggy is a former member of the Roger Pirates and the current leader of the Buggy Cast. Since his first appearance, Buggy has been painted as immature, and he has certainly lived up to his epithet of being a clown. Over time, Buggy became more involved in gags than ever, especially during the Impel Down and Marineford arcs, where he led an army of strong people acting as his messiah. Buggy is still very immature, but at the same time, luck always favors him, and that is why he is as big as he is today.

4 Ulti is the most childish member of the Beast Pirates1633430638 82 One Piece The 10 Most Immature Characters Ranked.webp

One of the Tobiroppo, Ulti is an incredibly powerful pirate who possesses the power of the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pachycephalosaurus. Ulti is evidently a dangerous pirate with a fearsome reputation in the world of One Piece, but it is also very immature.

Pick up fun ways to talk and change your personality from time to time. She is also incredibly attached to Page One, her little brother, although she loves to playfully hurt him at times. Ulti is also a fearless character who doesn’t even hesitate to replicate people like Kaido.

3 Big Mom Clings To Her Childhood Beliefs1633430638 454 One Piece The 10 Most Immature Characters Ranked.webp

Big Mom is a Yonko that fans can properly see during the Cake Island arc. Despite being a pirate that almost everyone fears, Big Mom is also very immature at times. Essentially, she remains a child at heart because of her experiences in life and what Mother Carmel has taught her. Big Mom has childhood beliefs like thinking that prejudices can be eliminated by turning everyone into a giant. He even values ​​sweets more than human life or any kind of treasure. In his opinion, she is the kindest mother ever and knows that she is the best.

2 Chopper is considered the boy of the straw hat gang1633430638 165 One Piece The 10 Most Immature Characters Ranked.webp

Chopper joins the Straw Hat Pirates during the Drum Island arc and has become a very important part of the crew. As the Straw Hat Pirates are known to be a family, Chopper is considered the son of the family. He is very gullible and believes almost all of Usopp’s lies quite easily. Chopper had very little idea what the world was like until he met the Straw Hat Pirates. He is also overconfident and cries often, as seen when he is the only one in Onigashima who believes that Luffy is dead and Sanji has to remind him of the greatness of his captain.

1 Shirahoshi didn’t get a chance to grow properly1633430638 692 One Piece The 10 Most Immature Characters Ranked.webp

Shirahoshi is the daughter of King Neptune and Queen Otohime of Fishman Island and, more interestingly, of the ancient weapon Poseidon. After witnessing the death of her mother, Shirahoshi was locked in a tower of the Ryugu Palace to be protected from Vander Decken. As a result, it never really grew. Despite being 16 years old, Shirahoshi acts like a 6-year-old girl and has the purity of one. She is known for being a crybaby, but she is still one of the most beloved characters in One Piece.