One Piece: The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters, Ranked

One Piece is a series with a surprising amount of depth and subtext. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series, permeates the manga with abundant references to classical literature and world history. Normally, fans would assume that the main character of One Piece He would be just as smart with such a smart creator at the wheel; However, the protagonist of the series, Monkey D. Luffy, is an idiot.

Also, most of the male characters aren’t that bright either. The characters through which Oda chooses to display her intelligence are usually female. Not all female characters have great mental acuity, but there are several who do.

10 Nico Olvia never showed his true brilliance

Many people assume that the intellect is something you are born with. In some cases, that’s true, but intelligence can also be a skill that comes with dedication and practice. As with any skill, there are a lot of sacrifices inherent in the pursuit of knowledge. Nico Oliva made incredible sacrifices to become one of the most brilliant characters in the series. Leaving his young daughter to pursue her dangerous archaeological investigations, Nico Oliva earned recognition as the most intelligent scholar among an entire island of scholars in Ohara.

9 Kaya’s brain makes up for her frail body1638439125 808 One Piece The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters Ranked.webp

The phrase “birds come together” fits the relationship between Kaya and Usopp perfectly. Fans of One Piece They are already aware of Usopp’s intelligence. At first, Kaya’s continued interest in Usopp is disconcerting, but as fans understand the shooter’s mind, everything becomes clear. Kaya, currently studying to be a doctor, found an incomparable intellectual kinship with Usopp. Given her overwhelmingly academic career, Kaya’s intelligence is evident, and Usopp was the only person in Syrup Village capable of stimulating her.

8 Princess Vivi has great knowledge of the world1638439125 709 One Piece The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters Ranked.webp

It is difficult to lack intellect when you have access to real tutors. Princess Vivi breaks the stereotype of unintelligent royalty in One Piece with his cunning and compassionate mind. After deducing Crocodile’s betrayal, Princess Vivi planned a successful infiltration of Braque Works. Once inside the elusive organization, Vivi got the name and plan of the mysterious Crocodile. Additionally, Vivi proved to be a military strategist with her plan to save Alubrana. If Vivi had stayed on the Merry, she would have been the brain of the crew.

7 The koala doesn’t get his ears wet when it comes to intelligence1638439125 227 One Piece The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters Ranked.webp

There are various forms of intelligence. Aside from the traditional academic variant of brilliance, having emotional intelligence is critical. Although fans haven’t seen much of the revolutionaries, Koala appears to be the most emotionally balanced of the bunch. In addition to her mastery of emotional intelligence, Koala appears to be quite studious.

Apparently, Koala is Sabo’s source of information in the field. He is also proficient in Fishman karate, a very complex discipline. He even teaches this style of fighting to other revolutionaries.

6 Monet was a cold, calculating monster1638439126 743 One Piece The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters Ranked.webp

Being pretty and smart is unenviable. The conditioning of society has taught people to associate a pretty face with an empty mind. Monet fights that idea with ease. Behind his handsome appearance, Monet harbors a ruthless mind that is often one step ahead of his adversaries. Her irrepressible brilliance is even more impressive when it is recalled that she was featured alongside the scheming mastermind Trafalgar Law and the resourceful Caeser Clown. Although Caeser receives the recognition of genius, Monet appeared to be the true thinker of the duo.

5 Madame Sharlay knew more than she was saying1638439126 957 One Piece The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters Ranked.webp

A wise woman once sang:“If you could look to the future, you would think that life would be a walkHowever, precognition only complicates things. Being able to see into the future becomes even more problematic when you are smart. Sharlay could not only see the future, but was also capable of exceptional reasoning ability. Although rare Once he expressed how an event he predicted would unfold, Sharlay knew more than he was letting on. Sharlay even saw Luffy’s usefulness despite his vision of him destroying Fishman Island.

4 Perona was the only mind among the bark pirates of the thriller1638439126 679 One Piece The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters Ranked.webp

“Thriller Bark” was a strange arc. Luffy does not usually do well against enemies who use deception as their main form of attack. However, Moria is not that smart. In fact, none of the pirates in Thriller Bark are brilliant, save for one.

Aside from her gothic appearance, Perona seems to fit oddly into the pirate outfit. Perona is easily the smartest member of the crew, displaying the greatest foresight in her actions. If it weren’t for Usopp, Perona would be unstoppable in “Thriller Bark” by tactically dispatching the Straw Hats.

3 Nami was the first great brain of the Straw Hat crew1638439126 927 One Piece The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters Ranked.webp

Being able to survive on your own in the world of One Piece it’s a tough feat. Even outside the Grand Line, there are plenty of dangers that can cost your life. Nami had the cunning to survive as an elite thief among the pirates. In addition to her Machiavellian mind, Nami is a top-notch navigator. Anyone who knows the field of navigation knows that Nami has mastered several divergent fields of knowledge. From weather patterns to ship anatomy, Nami is a supreme expert.

2 Great Mom is smarter than she looks1638439126 390 One Piece The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters Ranked.webp

One piece of information can change the course of the war. Having the right channels to obtain reliable information is the main asset that any good general wants. Big Mom is no exception. Building a vast information network that extends beyond her own islands, Big Mom is always in the know. In addition to her information network, Big Mom also knows the true history of the world of One Piece. Although she can often appear childish and silly, Big Mom is an extraordinarily brilliant foe.

1 Nico Robin is the standard bearer of intelligence in One Piece1638439126 402 One Piece The 10 Most Intelligent Female Characters Ranked.webp

On One Piece, the characters are usually identified by a unique character trait. Luffy embodies freedom, Zoro is resistance personified, and Sanji is supposed to be chivalry. Without a doubt, Nico Robin is the strongest example of intellect in the entire series. Robin’s sole drive and motivation in One Piece it is reaching for the most elusive form of knowledge available: the true history of the world. Nico Robin’s brain is so special that the World Government has been trying to capture the rogue archaeologist from Ohara for the past two decades.