One Piece: The 10 Most Selfish Characters, Ranked

The world of One Piece it is full of characters who jump into the sea to fulfill their objectives. In fact, most of the world’s pirates are neither good nor bad. Most of them, even those of Luffy’s stature, are not heroes and are therefore selfish to some extent.

However, there are some characters whose selfishness and desire to have others in their clutches sets them apart from the rest. These mostly villain characters use whatever means necessary to achieve their goals, using people as their pawns to earn the glory they crave.

10 Buggy uses the people in its environment to gain greater notoriety

Buggy the clown was introduced in the arch of the Orange City de One Piece, where her connection to Shanks was revealed to fans. From his childhood, Buggy was quite selfish, as demonstrated when he wanted to sell the Bara Bara no Mi for money.

Years later, Buggy had others do the dirty work at Impel Down and used all available means to escape. Following the events of the Paramount War, Buggy became a Shichibukai and the Buggy Delivery made use of other pirates as pawns to achieve greater power.

9 Enel planned to destroy everyone in his way1630081987 597 One Piece The 10 Most Selfish Characters Ranked.webp

Enel arrived in Skypiea about 6 years before the start of Luffy’s journey and took over the entire place in pursuit of his goal of reaching Fairy Vearth. For years, he had the soldiers of Gan Fall build the Ultimate Bow, and after the process was complete, he planned to use the same bow to attack all of Skypiea all the way to the Blue Sea.

Enel believed himself to be a god and, according to him, was worthy of all good things. He planned to go where no one else did and although Luffy put a brake on him, he eventually made it to Fairy Vearth.

8 Arlong crushed everyone in the blue east for his benefit1630081987 483 One Piece The 10 Most Selfish Characters Ranked.webp

Arlong was a member of the Sun Pirates under Fisher Tiger at one point, but after the captain’s death and Jinbe’s rise to Shichibukai, Arlong left the group and headed for East Blue. There, he inflicted pain and misery on humans for his selfish gain.

Practically enslaving the people and making them pay for their lives, Arlong took full control of Gosa and the Cocoyasi village. To protect himself from the eyes of the Navy, he bribed them and continued his atrocities until Luffy finally put an end to his tyranny.

7 The clown Caesar had a free hand under the protection of the Yonko1630081987 159 One Piece The 10 Most Selfish Characters Ranked.webp

Caesar Clown was introduced in the Punk Hazard arc of One Piece, where he played the role of main antagonist. At one point, Caesar worked with Vegapunk and was always second in importance.

Out of envy, he killed hundreds of people and manipulated thousands more just to be able to carry out his vile experiments and prove that he was better than Vegapunk. He even kidnapped and experimented on children, making him one of the worst villains in all of history.

6 Blackbeard stole everything from his father, Blackbeard1630081987 989 One Piece The 10 Most Selfish Characters Ranked.webp

Marshall D. Teach, now known as Blackbeard, was an orphan who was taken in by Blackbeard when he had no one to trust. By growing up in his care and learning from him, Teach became as strong as he is today. But he stabbed his father in the back when he killed Thatch to steal the Yami Yami no Mi.

From there, he abandoned ship and launched the Blackbeard Pirates. Later, he captured Ace and turned him over to the Navy to trigger the Paramount War. During the war itself, Teach appeared towards the end and killed Whitebeard, then stole his Devil Fruit and declared himself invincible.

5 Wapol almost destroyed a nation for his own benefit1630081987 509 One Piece The 10 Most Selfish Characters Ranked.webp

Wapol was once the king of Drum Island and, during his reign, he completely abandoned his people. Although Wapol’s father is said to have been a good king, Wapol himself turned out to be one of the worst monarchs in all of history. By keeping all Wapol doctors reserved for his personal care, Wapol deprived his people of basic medical treatment.

When Blackbeard attacked Drum Island, Wapol abandoned the village and fled the island for his life. Later, he returned only to claim power in the country, but was stopped by Monkey D. Luffy.

4 Donquixote Doflamingo wanted to control everything in the world1630081988 634 One Piece The 10 Most Selfish Characters Ranked.webp

Doflamingo was the main antagonist of the Dressrosa arc from One Piece. Considered the best villain of One Piece, Doflamingo was purely evil and incredibly selfish. Doflamingo gathered people who seemed to care, but only as long as they were useful to him.

He treated everyone as pawns in his game and manipulated his way to power, bringing down a country in a single night. Eventually, he planned to become the King of the World, but his time came to an end before that.

3 The Celestial Dragons believe that everything is their property1630081988 419 One Piece The 10 Most Selfish Characters Ranked.webp

The Celestial Dragons of One Piece They are known to be some of the worst people there is; every Dragon lacks a basic human consciousness. They live at the top of the Red Line in the sacred land of Mariejois. When they come down to the surface, they take people as slaves without any regard for their lives. Plus, they have admirals at their service at all times, which means they have one of the greatest powers in history at their disposal.

2 Imu and the Gorosei have more power than the celestial dragons1630081988 905 One Piece The 10 Most Selfish Characters Ranked.webp

Imu was recently featured on One Piece as the King of the whole world, and the Gorosei are his direct subordinates. They share the greatest power in the entire history of all the antagonists in the series thus far and have completely changed the story to their advantage.

To protect themselves and gain their own benefits, they have wiped islands off the face of the earth, proving how incredibly selfish they are. Both of these powers are even above the Heavenly Dragons, making them the root of almost all the suffering in the world.

1 Kurozumi Orochi is One Piece’s worst villain so far1630081988 342 One Piece The 10 Most Selfish Characters Ranked.webp

Kurozumi Orochi is the shogun of the Wano Country and one of the main antagonists of the Wano Country arc. Orochi started out as a simple servant to Shimotsuki Yasuie and gradually began to rob him. Manipulating the people, he became the country’s acting shogun, but when Oden returned to claim what was his, he refused to relinquish power.

Orochi sank Wano and destroyed the country for their amusement. He fed SMILE fruits to ordinary people and deprived them of their ability to show pain. Furthermore, he enslaved all who rose up against him and enjoyed ruthlessly slaughtering all who opposed him just for his satisfaction.