“One Piece”: the 1000th episode of the TV series will be screened in cinemas in France

A special evening is organized in a hundred rooms to celebrate this symbolic bar.

Twenty-two years after its launch, the Japanese animated series One Piece, derived from the manga of the same name, will reach the symbolic milestone of 1000 episodes. For the occasion, a hundred French cinemas will organize, on November 21, a “Marathon 1000 Logs»Dedicated to the saga. The focal point of the evening will be the broadcast of the new episode.

Japanese animation episodes rarely last more than twenty minutes. Other works will therefore be offered to the public. In order, Toei Animation will offer the film One Piece : Strong World. A feature film “historical“Which generated $ 61 million worldwide in 2009. Then followed a”unpublished portraitFrom the protagonist Luffy and the thousandth episode of the series. The broadcaster also speaks of elements “bonusWithout giving details.

A very popular saga

The system put in place for the event is atypical. Apart from the latest productions from studio Ghibli (Spirited away, The wind picks up…), Japanese animated films still rarely reach French cinemas despite the appetite of the French for the genre. And when they do, it’s often in a small number of rooms.

This time, 120 cinemas (CGR Cinémas, Kinepolis, Grand Rex, etc.) are taking part in the operation. Reservations will be open Tuesday October 26 at 4 p.m. This type of outing tends to put a strain on presale sites. When the film arrives Demon Slayer: Infinity Train , the ticket offices did not hold the shock under the number of requests.

And One Piece is not the longest Japanese anime – Doraemon having nearly 1,800 episodes – it is one of the most popular. The title has been one of the top most-watched adaptations on the Crunchyroll video-on-demand service for several years. Sales of paper manga are also in good shape, 25 million volumes were sold in France alone. Volume 100 of the manga will be released in December.