One Piece: The 11th Straw Hat Confirmed

The Battle of Onigashima finally ended with Luffy defeating Kaido. Alliance members celebrate the news. Yamato meets the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates for the first time and reiterates that she is going to join the crew.

It has already been established that Yamato’s dream is to go to the sea, be free and have adventures. She’s never been portrayed as evil or crazy for wanting this (unlike her obsession with becoming Oden), and it’s pretty clear that’s what Oda wants us to be emotionally invested in. We want Yamato to succeed in freeing herself from her father and going to sea. If she stayed in Wano, the emotional catharsis of this event would not have happened.

We’ve seen several people assume that Yamato wants to become a pirate only because Oden was one. Because it looks like his character arc will be learning to stop mimicking Oden and being his own person, we’ve seen several people assume that his dreams of adventure on the seas are part of that and that she should drop them.

We believe this is a fundamental misunderstanding of Yamato’s desire to be Oden. Yamato doesn’t want to have adventures because that’s what Oden did, she wants to be Oden because he had adventures. Oden represents for Yamato the ideals of freedom and honor that she holds dear. In Ace’s flashback, her excitement at learning about the existence of the Worst Generation and her admiration for Luffy who has the same dream as Gol D. Roger also show that she has a general interest in adventures. of pirates, beyond those of Oden.

Wano and Yamato

That’s the big chunk. Ok, so here’s a good example. Fishman Island. This place was so weak that Hordy Jones almost conquered it. The only really super strong person to defend her was Jinbe. When Jinbe was asked to join the Straw Hats at the end, no one said “but Fishman Island needs its strongest warrior to protect it.” Now Wano has a lot more powerful fighters than Fishman Island. Hordy Jones threatened Fishman Island, which was ultimately a weakling in the grand scheme of things. Kaido conquered Wano, literally the strongest creature in the world, and even he had to go about it on the sly by asking Orochi to invite him over and tricking Oden into wasting his time dancing while the Beast Pirates won in Powerful.

One Piece Pink Dragon

Along with all the strong fighters who are already native to Wano, we have to keep in mind that Wano will likely become Luffy’s territory and be under his protection, just like he said he would with Fishman Island. So if Yamato wants to protect Wano, she could do it as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.