One Piece: The 3 figures that illustrate the phenomenon The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 29 Nov 2022 at 09:00

One Piece is a unique work, which has had a huge impact across the whole planet. And a few figures will allow you to understand it!

One Piece is a work that we hear about absolutely everywhere now. Straw Hat Luffy has reached such popularity that we can even imagine that he is above the one we thought was destined for the eternal gold medal in the field: Son Goku. For several decades, Super Saiyan battles have represented the peak of popularity in the industry. But it’s over since the great age of piracy, with a Mugiwara sitting on the throne. And for those who haven’t yet understood how crazy the phenomenon is, we have a few figures to illustrate the whole thing.

500 million

This is the number of One Piece volumes sold across the planet. Which quite simply makes it the second best-selling comic strip (manga, comics, Franco-Belgian comics) in all of history. It is surpassed only by Superman – and again the latter is a franchise with several authors -, and is placed in front of mythical monsters such as Batman, Spiderman, Asterix or Dragon Ball!

200 millions

$200 million. This is the completely crazy fortune accumulated by the author of the Mugiwara adventures, namely Eiichiro Oda. The 47-year-old author is thus the richest mangaka ever seen in the entire history of manga. In comparison, to put in front of other figures, the wealth of the creator of Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama amounts to 50 million dollars!



Eiichiro Oda is known to be a man of one work. And it must be said that the Japanese has worked well, since it is already his chapter 1067. To achieve such a result, he had to start publishing the chapters of Luffy’s adventures on July 22, 1997, which means that the manga has been published continuously for 25 years now!

Honestly, who can ever do better?