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Have a date more than twenty years of existence, One piece has become a classic of shonen manga, having won generations of fans from its inception until now. With already more than 1000 episodes released and even more chapters, Eiichiro Oda’s story is one of the most dense and detailed in contemporary manga.. So with a series that has been going on for so long, fans have had a lot of time trying to guess what surprises Oda might have for us at the end of his story. Here is a selection of the most famous fan theories. with respect to One piece.

5) The Giant Straw Hat Theory: An Ancient Weapon?

As revealed in chapter 906, a giant straw hat that strangely looks like Luffy in a cold room under Mary Geoise. In fact, Donquixote Doflamingo had previously spoken of a treasure hidden in Mary Geoise during the Dressrosa arc, saying that he «it would shake the whole world if it were made public «. Due to the dangerous implications of Doflamingo’s words, Many fans believe that the giant straw hat is none other than the mysterious Ancient Weapon Uranus., or at least it would be related. To date, the other ancient weapons, Poseidon and Pluto, have been revealed to be a mermaid princess (Shirahoshi) and a warship, respectively.

4) What if Blackbeard had eaten three Devil Fruits?

Become a legendary antagonist, Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard, is famous in the world of One piece, not only for having occupied Whitebeard’s place among the Four Emperors, but above all for having be the first to use the power of two devil fruits, which is normally considered impossible in this world.

A popular theory of this riddle, Entitled “Cerberus Theory,” it posits that Blackbeard had already eaten a devil fruit before eating the Yami Yami no Mi. He would have eaten especially a mythical fruit of Zoan, which some already call the Inu Inu no Mi.Thus, the theory would that due to the nature of the mythical Cerberus, which has three heads endowed with an independent thought, this would allow Teach to use more than one Devil Fruit. The foundation for this theory comes mainly from the way Blackbeard and his actions tend to revolve around the number three.

One Piece the 5 best theories of the moment

Indeed, Only on the ship of Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger and his crew, we can very clearly distinguish three different skulls, thus making a very specific flag. Then there is his weapon of choice, a claw with three blades which he has been using since he joined the Whitebeard Pirates. In addition, it is precisely Teach who is at the origin of the famous three scars of Shanks in the left eye, although it is not known exactly if the latter are due to Blackbeard’s weapon, or if they are the result of his hypothetical Zoan. form. Finally, the fact that the myth of Cerberus exists directly in the world of One piece gives even more credence to this theory.

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3) Shanks le Roux: keeper of balance?

Many fans believe that the end of One piece It will involve, in one way or another, the end of a cult figure, the so-called Shanks the Redhead. Meanwhile, a user named Nessos believes that the famous captain and member of the Four Emperors kept the truth about the Lost Century a secret., a secret that he probably would have discovered in the company of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

According to the theory, then the truth would be an answer that nobody wants to hear, because if it were revealed, it could provoke an unprecedented war. Therefore, Shanks’ role would be to watch Laugh Tale in the New World, to ensure that no one decipher the Poneglyphs containing the forbidden secrets of the Lost Century.

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This could give another explanation about the encounter between the Gorosei (i.e. the five deans) y Shanks, where the latter mentioned a “certain pirate.” Although we thought the reference was to Blackbeard, Nesso believes that the pirate in question is none other than Luffy, and that Shanks will have to face him the moment Luffy finds out the truth.

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2) A new user of Devil Fruit for Mugiwara’s crew?

Fans have often speculated how many members the Straw Hat Pirates will have by the end of One piece, but is there any way to determine exactly who will join Luffy and his crew? On Reddit, user Panino87 brought to light a theory, which was reportedly commented on by Eiichiro Oda himself. In a question and answer section that appeared on SBS Volumen 59, a fan wrote for Oda: «I realized something amazing !!! Is that if you look at the users of the Mugiwara devil fruit in numbers, you find the numbers from 1 to 10 ».

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The fan in question is talking about the how the Japanese names for the Devil Fruits used by the Straw Hat Pirates vary from 1 to 10. For example, the Japanese name for Luffy’s devil fruit, “Gomu Gomu no Mi,” is 5 (Go) and 6 (mu). “Go” is number 5 in Chinese reading (On’yomi), while «mu» is number 6 in Japanese reading (Kun’yomi).

Therefore, the rest is as follows:
Chopper → Hito (1-10), Robin → Hana (8-7), Brook → Yomi (4-3)
There is only one combination left for the next Devil Fruit user: 2-9.
Oda’s reaction to this:

QUOOOOI? !! That surprised me! Why was I surprised ?! NO COMMENT !!!!! FOLLOWING !!”.

And another fun fact: 56 (Gomu) + 110 (Hito) + 87 (Hana) + 43 (Yomi) + 29 (Nikyu) = 325. Another way to say 325 is San (3) Ni (2) Go (5) ), which could be a reference to Thousand Sunny, Mugiwara’s second ship after Vogue Merry.

1) Monkey D. Dragon: ¿una antigua marina?

What if the world’s most wanted criminal was actually a former Navy admiral? This is what various netizens say, such as Gobee129 and MythicalZoan, It would be a safe bet that Monkey D. Dragon was, at some point in his life, an admiral working for the World Government. Because Oda is known for drawing inspiration from myths, legends, and fables for his stories..

For example, Elbaf, the kingdom of the giants, is the word “fable” written backwards. Then in Chinese mythology, four seas are mentioned: North, South, East and West. They are generally represented by four colors: yellow, blue, red, and white.. And over time these four seas have also represented by animals: a monkey, a bird, a dog and a dragon. Therefore, the North Sea with the yellow monkey could be a direct reference to theAdmiral Kizaru. The South Sea with the blue bird for himAlmirante Aokiji, and the West Sea with a red dog for himAdmiral Akainu. All that remains is the East Sea (“Shiroryu”) with a White Dragon.

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There is also another popular myth that supports this theory. It is the story of a king who had four disciples: one in the shape of a bird (Dragon), a monkey (Kizaru), a dog (Akainu) and a pheasant (Aokiji). After realizing how evil the king was, the bird decided to leave his side, but not without telling the truth to his companions. However, the bird’s efforts were in vain, for the dog was too loyal, the monkey too stupid, and the pheasant too lazy to leave the king. Once again, this makes the bond with the Admirals as much for the color, the animal and the personality in question.. Thus, this suggests that Dragon was an admiral who left the Navy after realizing the corruption of the World Government.

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Therefore, we will have to wait until the end of the work to finally have the answers to these questions, but to be patient, you can already discover the first sketches of the next animated film. One piece, Red.