One Piece: The 6 awakenings of Akuma no Mi that we have seen in the manga

If we have to talk about power up in One Piece, the case of the awakening of Akuma no Mi is the biggest of all and here we review those seen to date

The maximum potential of the One Piece manga

A fundamental element in almost all manga focused on the younger audience they are usually their combats between characters. Since we were little, almost every manga or anime that has influenced an entire generation have had epic battles between characters with a lot of power. No one will ever forget Goku facing any Dragon Ball villain, especially by the incessant uncertainty of knowing what the next step would be of power he could develop.

All the manga and anime that have been after him they have drawn heavily on many of these elements. Today we have to look at its generational change, or at least the one that has come closest, which is none other than One Piece. For some time now, the story of Eiichiro Oda has brought an increase in power that is latent in many characters but few have developed it. It is known as the awakening of the Akuma no Mi that they have taken and that translates into something different depending on the individual and the fruit in question.

So far in the manga We have been able to enjoy several situations like this, but really it has always been there. It was referenced in the Impel Down saga, when guards were observed to be zoan fruit users endure enormously and recover very quickly, this being the ability that allowed them their fruits. For today we review the other cases that we have seen and that they have to do with somewhat more specific fruits.

Charlotte Katakuri – Mochi Mochi no Mi

This list starts with a fairly strong individual, the truth, since we are facing the great confrontation of Luffy during the Whole Cake saga. We are talking about Charlotte Katakuri, the second son of the great Big Mom family. Without a doubt, it is the clear great fight that Luffy has on this island since he is a user of a paramecia fruit that is capable of turning his body into mochis, the food. This Yonko’s family was characterized by having skills related to sweets or food itself, something strange to think about if they have to use them in battle.

Showing impressive mastery of haki and posing quite a challenge for Luffy, Katakuri is a character who liked a lot and whose combat has been quite reminiscent of what Luffy suffered with Lucci in the past. The awakening of his fruit was summed up in having the ability to turn his entire environment into mochi, similar to what could be the power of a lodgean effect that made it fearsome and that put our protagonist in a lot of trouble.

One Piece - Akuma no Mi

Donquixote Doflamingo – Ito Ito no Mi

Just as we mentioned before that Luffy’s fight in Whole Cake with Big Mom’s son had been very loved by fans, in which he starred with the user of this fruit it was possible to get to know better what the awakening was and a new march for Luffy and his power ups. We’re talking about the Dressrosa moment where Straw Hat got to show us his Gear 4with which he managed to beat Doflamingo, although he had his active awakening.

For those who don’t know, Doflamingo had the Akuma no Mi paramecia of the threads, getting to be able to throw threads wherever he wanted and controlling everyone at will. This seemed to be something more mental, but in this saga it was learned that his awakening allowed him to greatly increase his range of action towards everything around him, making your environment conform to threads and manipulating them at will. The truth is that it was a great power, but the malleability of Luffy and his Gear 4 took its toll on the villain.

One Piece - Akuma no Mi

Eustass Kid – Jiki Jiki no Mi

Is about one of the secondary characters of One Piece who has more followers behind him along with the one that remains to be mentioned. He is part of the worst generation of pirates of all along with Luffy and he will surely be a Yonko in the future just like the next member of this list. We are talking about Kid, the character that he has, basically, Magneto’s power within the world of One Piece. He is able to control metals and move them at will, something that has made him fearsome.

The fruit that Kid ate allows you to be a human magnet, so that it is capable of bringing all metals towards it or repelling them. In this way, it works by making modifications to his power and, since it is a paramecia fruit, his awakening could not be from other way than by granting its properties to its environment. Through the Wano saga we could see him using these abilities making the rest of the elements They will behave like magnets it can become a very powerful weapon.

One Piece - Akuma no Mi

Trafalgar D. Water Law – Ope Ope no Mi

We are going to end this on a high, since this fruit that we have to analyze here is, perhaps, one of the most powerful in all of One Piece if it comes to be in good hands and its full potential can be used. By the time we got to know more details about her it was in Dressrosa and the truth is that it surprised many. Trafalgar’s power already showed the full potential of him when he first appeared, but after making his return at Punk Hazardwe all were freaking out.

Basically, the power of paramecia Ope Ope no Mi It resides in creating an area that functions as an “operating table” and the user is able to change everything to their liking. This means that the awakening of your fruit resides in creating small “rooms”, which is what you call your area. where it executes the power within others or in objects. In this way, he can manage to manipulate everything at will, being the key to being able to Defeat Big Mom in Wano Saga.

One Piece - Akuma no Mi

What more surprises will Eiichiro Oda’s manga have in store for us?

We can observe that none of these characters fall short of power because of these situations they have managed to achieve. We already commented at the time that it seems that this fact was known from Impel Down, but it was not later than has finished completing. However, what happened with the Impel Down guards, and which many generalized with the zoan, does not seem to be entirely the case, since what has been seen in the last chapter of the manga has left many speechless.

It is not necessary to go as far as the last chapter to understand what we have tried to say, since Luffy’s case is also something similar, but that would be talking with many spoilers and we don’t know how far you have read. We assume that if you have come this far you knew almost everything that has been discussed and we encourage you to share your theories about the awakening of Akuma no Mi that remains to be seen within the manga.

One Piece - Akuma no Mi