One Piece: The 6 theories created by fans that Oda confirmed after a long time

Since his departure, One Piece has not stopped surprising all its readers. With all the intertwined stories we’ve known in the manga and anime, we fans have already gotten used to the union of two or more narrative threads after several years or decades preparing it and quite correctly. But the reality is that this is not normal at all and this shows us the incredible ingenuity that Oda has when it comes to preparing different secrets to discover them without us realizing it until we realize it.

But many of the fans know what the author’s intentions are and can even foresee some secrets with very well unfounded theories. That is why we have compiled 6 of the most famous theories of the series that were confirmed and left many of us speechless when they were discovered. As always, we recommend you read the article if you are up to date with the manga to avoid crazy spoilers.

sanji’s past

The Straw Hat crew’s cook was one of the most mysterious until several years ago if we talk about his past. It is true that during the first arc of the play we were told that he lived a large part of his life with a cook, but we all felt that there was something else that we had not yet been told. These suspicions grew when, in chapter 174, during the Alabasta arc, he had to disguise himself and picked up the name Mr Prince.

Fans theorized that Sanji was actually a prince from a land far away, but that he avoided that past out of fear. It wasn’t until 600 chapters later that this theory came true with the Whole Cake arc, in which Oda confessed what everyone thought: Sanji was part of the Vinsmoke, a royal family that ruled the Germa Kingdom and was allied with the Yonko Big Mom.

Momonosuke and time travel


Another of the great theories that the community got right was that of momonosuke, Kaido’s prodigal son who, at the age of 8, confessed to the Straw Hats having met Gol D. Roger. This was quite confusing, since it is assumed that the young man was born four years after the death of one of the most important pirates of humanity.

Unlike others, Oda didn’t take as long to discover the cake, but it was still surprising knowing that a resource was chosen in the series that had never been used before: Thanks to the power of his mother Toki’s fruit, the Toki Toki no Mi, which allowed you to travel to the future and send to anything else in the same direction as well.

Lola’s mother


Lola is the leader of the Rolling Pirates, a crew that Luffy and company encountered during the Thriller Bark arc, the island of Gecko Moria, as they were “trapped” by not being able to find their shadows in order to escape from the place. After an action-packed arc, they all finally managed to escape together and set out for another island in search of new adventures. However, we all had the fly behind the ear. since when she gives the Vivre Card to Nami, she is she comments that she was born in the New World and was the mother of a great pirate.

After 600 chapters, we find out that Nami takes advantage of that Vivre Card to enter Whole Cake and find Big Mom, a rather unusual Vivre Card that not even Big Mom’s children had. Nevertheless, Lola indirectly confirmed to us that it was her mother’s and that he stole it before escaping from his clutches.

The origin of (almost) all Yonko


Before Luffy’s arrival, there were 4 Yonkos o Emperors who dominated the new world: Big Mom, Kaido, Blackbeard and Shanks. This time we will talk about the first two, who after a hundred episodes we discovered that they knew each other and finally joined forces to try to defeat the straw hat crew and other companions of the worst generation.

They all theorized that the two of them had something to do with each other before their meeting and that they made a team like no other, especially after talking about the rock pirates, a formation that stood as the most powerful in the world before the arrival of Gol D. Roger. This is how Oda confirmed this great relationship that both Yonko had, also discovering that there was another former Yonko in the crew: White beard.

Shirahosi and the heavenly weapon


After two years of training, the Straw Hat crew arrived at Fishman Island in search of the last ancient weapon necessary to rule the seas of One Piece. According to Skypiea’s phoneglyph, this weapon was found on the fish island and few thought that it would become a living being as such.

Imagine how unexpected it was that one of the users who bet on this theory shared a survey to find out if the community agreed, with an overwhelming negative result. Well, after arriving on the island and having spoken with the King of the place, we discovered that shirahosithe beautiful princess of the island, had a hidden power that was called Poseidon, the last ancient weapon what was left to discover.

The true power of Luffy’s fruit


Last but not least, we have the big reveal that many fans theorized for a long time, but that was suspected a lot more at the beginning of this year. As it turns out, during chapter 1037, it was revealed that an extremely powerful devil fruit existed that was even erased from history to prevent future problems. It is here when several fans strongly confirmed their theory about the true power of Luffy, who had actually eaten another type of fruit for very specific characteristics such as being able to stretch his body whenever he wanted.

It wasn’t until 1044 that we all discovered that actually He didn’t eat the Paramecia-type Gomu Gomu No, but rather took the powers of the Hito Hito No Mi Model Nika no Mi Modelo no Mi. and Zoan Type. This completely changed the way of seeing the protagonist, since in reality his power was not only to be elastic but also to have the power to awaken a God: Joy Boy. What is the power of him? Well, nothing more and nothing less than a myth of the series.

One Piece The 6 theories created by fans that Oda


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