One Piece: The artist of Dr. Stone will sign a one-shot with a fight between Nami and Kalifa

Recently, a JRPG of one piece for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, a work that certainly shows that the history of Eiichiro Oda It knows no limits and is constantly expanding, renewing its formats and even trying to make its manga reach new facets. Without going any further, chapter 1044 excited half the world thanks to its unexpected script twist, and now a one-shot (manga or comic of a thrown room) is being prepared with the artist of dr stone to the pencils: Boichi.

It is not the first time that Boichi has dropped by the lares of one piecesince he already did it in the past taking care of a special cover with a fight between Roronoa Zoro and Hawkeye Mihawk and also of One Piece: Ace’s Story. Now, the one that we fell in love with the designs of him in Dr. Stone represent a fight between Nami and Kalifa during the events of the Enies Lobby arc.

Boichi’s unique brand

one piece has multiple projects on the way right now, with that video game, One Piece: Odyssey, One Piece Film: Red and the adaptation live action that Netflix is ​​preparing on fiction, which for now is going from strength to strength with six new signings. Of course, after episode 1044 that we mentioned it is completely unknown what the next surprise will be that Oda has prepared for us, because now Luffy’s adventure has completely changed.

However, it should also be noted that Dragon Ball Super remains one of the most read manga in Manga Plus and that one piecein that category it doesn’t even come close to the number of readings that Akira Toriyama’s manga has.