One Piece: the best gifts to offer fans The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 21 Oct 2022 at 16:21

Looking to give a gift to an absolute One Piece fan? Find today a selection of Mugiwara stamped gifts that will make your job easier.

If today we have to cite a manga above all the others, it would obviously be One Piece. The adventures of Luffy, currently on the goguette on Vegapunk Island Egg Head, excites hundreds of millions of people across the planet – attest to this the more than 500 million volumes sold worldwide. Suffice to say that it is almost certain that you know one or more Mugiwara fans in your entourage. With the not so distant arrival of the end of year celebrations, you are surely asking yourself: what to offer? If so, then you should take a look at the selection of products that Melty’s editorial team has made today, and which will allow you to furnish your hood!

The Mugiwara sports bag

For those who want to take the Mugiwara to training, in motivation mode, the black sports bag printed with the jolly roger (pirate flag) of the Straw Hats is the perfect accessory. What better way to train like Luffy?

The Straw Hat Bonus Wallet

It’s a great classic of gifts: to offer a new wallet. A One Piece lover can only appreciate this wallet on which are printed the different Mugiwara bonuses after defeating Doflamingo.

The One Piece Lamp

It’s one of the best One Piece sales of the moment. The lamp in the form of the crew’s flag with its two crossed bones under the head of a skeleton in a straw hat will illuminate the bedside table with class and style.

The Luffy t-shirt

T-shirts printed with great manga heroes are becoming more and more popular. Here you will be able to offer a t-shirt that has on the back the well-known prime of Luffy, surely the most famous of the work, with his smiling face following the incredible challenge of Enies Lobby and his 300 million berries of reward.

The One Piece Mug

Nothing better when you love a work than to see it every morning when you have your coffee. And beyond its aesthetics, this mug with a capacity of 460 mL changes color on contact with heat. Bounties remain black with cold liquid, and reveal Mugiwara’s faces with hot liquid.

The Zoro katana

As we know, one of the fanbase’s favorite characters in One Piece is Roronoa Zoro, the superpowered swordsman. You are almost sure to hit the mark if you offer this superb wooden katana replica, just over a meter long (103 cms), and which comes in several different colors.

The Luffy figure

Nothing is more stylish for manga fans than figurines. And when you vibrate in unison with the Mugiwara adventures, having your pocket Luffy on the edge of your desk is a must. A figurine which, unlike others, is available at an affordable price!

Monopoly One Piece

Finally, if you want to offer something to have fun with all your Mugiwara fan friends, you can simply offer to play monopoly, available in its One Piece form.