One Piece: the creators will confirm an important theory in episode 1046 at Christmas

One Piece Red trailer. One Piece in live-action, an adaptation already failed? Eiichiro Oda fights to help the series – Toei

It’s a nice Christmas gift for One Piece fans. Regardless of the date, TV Tokyo and Crunchyroll/DNA will broadcast the unreleased episode 1046 of the series adapted from Eiichiro Oda’s manga this Sunday, December 25, 2022. And on this occasion, the creators will answer an important theory thanks to the return of a very special character.

anime fans One Piece will once again be spoiled at the end of the year. While the series adapted from Eiichiro Oda’s manga was entitled to a new film in 2022, this new feature film – which focused on Shanks, will be the source of a little surprise in one future episodes.

Uta back in One Piece

This is the official website of One Piece: Red who broke the news: Uta – the heroine of this film introduced for the very first time on the screen during this unpublished story, will indeed make her big comeback this weekend at Christmas within the anime.

For now, little information is still known about this cameo, including the reason behind this creative choice, but we still know several things about it. First, his appearance will be staged at the end of episode 1046 in a post-generic sequence. Secondly, she will appear there disguised as Santa Claus. Finally, thirdly, we should see her walking in the streets in order to enjoy such an atmosphere.

>> One Piece in live-action, an adaptation already failed? Eiichiro Oda fights to help the series <<

A cameo that has a very heavy importance

A small bonus which should therefore not have a great impact on the current history of the anime, but which still has its importance in the mythology of this universe. Through this return, he is now…

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