One Piece: The crew of Shanks, the most powerful of the four Yonko? – melty

By sydney

– Published on May 20, 2022 at 1:20 p.m.

And if among the monstrous crews of the 4 yonkou in One Piece, the one we hear the least about, namely the crew of Shanks le Roux, was the strongest? Some clues suggest so.

” Who is the strongest ? “. A question that resonates a lot in One Piece, where power is important, the pirates answering nothing else when it comes to respecting the other. And in this world of violence, we find at the top the Yonkou, or 4 emperors, who impose on the pirates, but also on the world government. But if we know that they are all monstrous, the question to which there is no answer for the moment is: which one is even stronger than the others? And if you asked the question to the editorial staff of Melty, it would tell you: the crew of Shanks le Roux!

Shanks formed a monstrous crew

A team that has already proven itself

And it’s an answer that may surprise, as we hear little about the latter compared to Big Mom and other Kaido. But it must be remembered that Shanks le Roux is the one who, at the time of Marineforce, managed the feat of first stopping the crew of the Hundred Beasts of Kaidô who wanted to attack a weakened Whitebeard, before then go to the place of the fight to stop the war. So certainly the Navy at that time could feel in a difficult position after all the damage suffered, but the simple fact that Sengoku judges that with his three admirals – including the wild Akainu -, Garp and himself, he could not getting Shanks le Roux without having to take too many losses is a valuable indicator of the strength of this gang.

A full haki crew?

The other argument, which is still quite hypothetical, relates to the origin of the strength of Shanks’ crew. We just learned from Kaidô that haki was superior to devil fruit. Gold Shanks comes from a crew where precisely the best pirates (Gold Roger, Rayleigh) only had the haki to fight. Knowing Oda, chances are this little reveal is a teaser from Shanks’ crew, who would have respected the tradition of Roger by selecting its members on the haki. So, the day we see these limbs in real action, we could observe prodigiously powerful pirates using only haki, and able to take on multiple Devil Fruit users at once. A demonstration that would also help Luffy to awaken to his true power, that of a mastered kings haki.

And you what do you think ?