One Piece: The definitive version of Carrot comes to life in this amazing Kappy cosplay

The cosplayer Kappy, an expert in cosplaying One Piece, delights us with her work to represent the definitive version of Carrot

One Piece - Carrot

The world of cosplay is something unimaginable, since there is a large number of people who are capable of making complete works of art with what they have. In this way, the world of disguise manages to get the best out of the community that loves a series or a movie, getting to see impressive results that we would all like to replicate. I remember when it began to take place in Spain, especially with elements of video games and anime or manga, so that in the conventions that were held in the main cities of the country you managed to find a large community. Whether you were dressing up or going to see him, you were going to have a great timesince a large community was formed.

Over time it has been expanding a lot, in such a way that has become just another job, since all the time that is spent behind each of the possible cosplays that are made must be rewarded. many influencers they have started to be thanks to thissince they create a great community around them and all the make-up or costumes they carry out in order to give life to their favorite characters encourage many fans.

Today we have to deal a theme that lends itself a lot to this cosplay, since, as we have anticipated at the beginning of this entry, here we saw it quite attached to this environment. We are talking about anime and manga, more specifically from One Piecea series that has characters to bore.

We like it more or less, the theme of cosplaying anime or manga will always be in fashionbut tell Kimetsu no Yaiba and all that it has brought. Today we want to focus our attention on One Piece, another series that we have already talked about at length on the web, either to catch up with the manga or to be able to show other top cosplays.

For today we have to focus on a character that many would have wanted for the crew of the Straw Hats, but that remained in something merely anecdotal. We are talking about Carrot, the mink who was about to join the gang, but she didn’t, since Kappy has brought us this spectacular cosplay in its two versions.

A Carrot cosplay with its two versions

We’re going to have to put ourselves in context to better understand the feat of this cosplayer. Basically we are talking about an anime character that has two physical versions of itself, so that in one of these it is seen in one way and in the other way, being a “power up”, it is possible to see, aesthetically, other. Attempt replicating something like this supposes the fact of making two different cosplayssince Carrot is a somewhat peculiar character since he is a mink, that is, a race that exists in One Piece of anthropomorphic animals that speak and behave like humans, although with some peculiarities.

This character made his debut in the manga when they arrived on the island of Zou, known for being the native island of the mink breed, in addition to being on the back of a giant elephant. The thing is that when we met this race nothing was known about its true power, something that it was seen as the manga progressed.

All the individuals who lived on that island had the ability to have a transformation called Sulong when there is a full moon, changing the characteristics of the mink and making them much stronger than usual. In this way, the cosplayer Kappy wanted bring us what it would be like to see both the normal version of Carrot in person like its Sulong version.

Whichever you look at, they are both great jobs, since It has been possible to capture the vibrations that the character inspires and the outfit and tones chosen are appropriate. When Carrot enters Sulong mode, his appearance becomes something like what he wanted to capture Kappy and, in addition, his physical aptitude for combat improves considerably. This was what made the mink tribe resist a big attack against Kaido in the Zou arc, indicating that you can’t fool this tribe, since they will be capable of whatever it takes to defend themselves.

Which One Piece character would you stay with among all the Kappy cosplays?

If we check the personal account of this cosplayer we can see that this is not the only One Piece cosplay what have you done. Achieving an amazing resemblance to the manga characters, Kappy manages to collect all the key elements of each of them and show them to us naturally, as if it were an adaptation with real people. Keeping in mind that the Netflix adaptation is somewhat more advanced, let’s not rule out that some of the approaches we see in this cosplayer they get to be seen in the series of real people because they are very faithful.

We doubt that the Netflix adaptation is going to show us Carrot, since it is a fairly advanced point in the plot of One Piece and the first season promises to be something very early in the series. However, all this allows us to get closer to what could become and, without a doubt, delights the most amateurs. We encourage you to share with us which One Piece character you want to see in live action and try to share with us, by Telegram, some cosplay of that same character that you have seen and let us all hallucinate.

One Piece - Carrot
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