One Piece: the detail of Jaguar D. Saul and Aokiji that few noticed 16 years ago

The author of one piece often resorts to foreshadowing, a literary device in which certain plot developments are “suggested” that may possibly come to pass in the future. In this way you can connect numerous events that happened at the beginning of the work with many others that have just taken place, and at the same time manage to surprise the viewer.

The last confirmed case of foreshadowing was found thanks to the One Piece Chapter 1066in which it was revealed that a character that almost everyone thought was dead turned out to be alive and kicking. How did she manage to survive?

Aokiji spared the life of Jaguar D. Saul

This is the detail that many did not pay attention to
  • When Oda-sensei narrated the past of Nico Robin and the destruction of Ohara, he told us how a character named Jaguar D. Saul sacrificed himself to save the young woman from being captured by the Navy✅
  • Aokiji (Kuzan) was commissioned to assassinate this giant Freezing him to death or so we almost all believed during all this time❓
  • As confirmed in the last chapter of the manga, Jaguar D. Saul is still alive and he is currently hiding in Elbaf, how can this be?❗❗
  • Well basically because Aokiji employed a technique called “Ice Time Capsule”which instead of ending the lives of the victims, keeps them frozen and “in a coma” for a long period of time
  • Many people ignored the name of the ability used by Aokiji during more than 16 yearsand it wasn’t until now that we found out that Oda had used another foreshadowing❗❗

Now it only remains to know what role Jaguar D. Saul will play in the One Piece story, beyond the feat he performed in Ohara by saving Nico Robin. Having kept all the knowledge about the Void Century, Could it have become the excuse the mugiwara needed to travel to Elbaf?

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