One Piece: The highest rewards in history What position is Luffy in?

One of the ways to measure the power of pirates in one piece is his reward. While it’s not just your strength that’s taken into account when modifying your wanted sign, it’s an important part of it. Some pirates have achieved exorbitant rewards for their influence in the world, without being physically powerful.

It is always interesting to see a list with the characters that have the higher rewards in One Piece. And, after the last few chapters of the manga, the list of rewards has changed quite a bit. Before reading on, you should know that there is spoilers up to manga chapter 1059.

Highest One Piece Bounties

special mentions

  • King: 1,390,000,000 berries.
  • Framework: 1,374,000,000 berries.
  • What in: 1,320,000,000 berries.
  • zoro: 1,111,000,000 berries.
  • Jimbe: 1,100,000,000 berries.
  • Katakuri: 1,057,000,000 berries.
  • Sanji: 1,032,000,000 berries.
  • Jack: 1,000,000,000 berries.


The former shichibukai received an increase in your reward after joining Cross Guild with Mihawk and Buggy. His control of the sand fruit and his influence in the world put him in this top. Adding the danger that he represents for the Navy that there is an organization that fighter marines and rewards them.

10. Boa Hancock

One Piece Boa Hancock

The Pirate Empress has suffered the same fate as Crocodile. after being eliminated the shichibukai, your reward has increased tremendously. Is a highly influential pirate with a mighty fleet behind, plus a very problematic fruit for his enemies.

9. Eustass Kid, Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law

Monkey D. Luffy Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid one piece

The alliance of these three pirates has resulted in their reward being the same, albeit only Luffy be yonko. The three are very close to the One Piece and his race to become The King of the Pirates is in the final stretch. His bounty increase is due to defeating two Yonko and liberating Wano Country.

8. buggy

Buggy One Piece

The Star Clown always has good luck. In this case, he has managed to be recognized as the Cross Guild boss and one of the pirates who most threatens the integrity of the World Government. This is why he has become a Yonko and has received such a high reward.

7. Dracula Mihawk

One Piece Mihawk

Although he was a shichibukai for a long time, Mihawk rivaled Shanks in terms of swordsmanship. To the he doesn’t care about One Piece not even those pirate things, but he’s still doing things in the world with Cross Guild and he’s probably interested in looking for stronger swordsmen. His reward proves that he is a real monster.

6. Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)

One Piece: Blackbeard

Teach does not stop moving around the world, his last move has been to kidnap Koby when he was going to kill Boa Hancock. All the battles and movements that he has carried out without us knowing it have given him this great reward.

5. Shank

one piece shanks

The redhead is super mysterious. Although after seeing his great haki we can understand why he is a Yonko. He is one of the characters closest to One Piece and has a brutal influence on the world, although we have seen very little. It looks like it will now start to move.

4. Charlotte Linlin (Big Mom)

one piece big mom

Although she has been defeated and is possibly deadBig Mom was Yonko for many years and frightened all the seas with his crew.

3. Kaidou

One Piece Kaido

Kaidou was the strongest living being on the planetWe don’t know if he’s still alive. But, his cruelty and Wano’s control led him to get such a high reward.

2. Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)

Edward NewgateOne Piece

The late Whitebeard was the closest man to One Piece at the time. In Marineford rhe prevented piracy with his words and allowed many young pirates to continue searching for the Pirate King’s treasure.

1. Goal D. Roger

Gol D. Roger One Piece

The only King of the Pirates (at least that we know of), he was a very powerful and influential character thanks to his charisma. His bounty reflects all the trouble he caused the world government. After his death, he managed encourage many pirates to search for their treasure: the One Piece.

Between now and the end of the series there will be many changes to this list. Not looking forward to seeing the next reward increases from one piece?

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