One Piece: The Journey to 1000 Chapters l Analysis

The Manga One piece, written and drawn by Eiichirō Oda is close to reaching the 1000th chapter of its animated adaptation in the hands of TOEI Animation. Currently talking about One Piece is synonymous with talking about a quality series, since there is that “something” that keeps the viewer attracted to it like a magnet.

Currently, the anime of One piece It is in its 991 chapter, nine weeks from its 1000 chapter and you can see it totally legal through crunchyroll.

One Piece East Blue

Let’s go back to that “something” we talked about earlier, what reasons could exist for the great success of One Piece? Let’s talk about the adventures of Luffy and his crew.

This article will be free of spoilers for those who want to enjoy the series from the beginning.


In One piece there is no single type of design for its characters, so we can see designs from the ordinary to the most extravagant that you can think of, characters that measure 20 centimeters while others measure 20 meters, anthropomorphic animals, bodies with unusual details in them, and many more features that help further the story.

In One Piece, do not expect a character to have too many limitations when it comes to presenting their physical characteristics, because in this series you will find things that you might never expect to see in a character, in addition to the variable of their personalities.

One Piece Personajes

With regard to abilities, without going into spoiler terrain, it focuses on a wide variety of powers obtained from the so-called “devil fruits2 with which the author constantly plays from expected abilities to totally nonsensical abilities but which they remain interesting throughout the story.


What do we associate a lot with pirates? Exactly, the sea, and One Piece is no less in this aspect, by focusing on a vast sea as a world to be explored by the protagonist, Oda allows himself a great variety of territories in the world, that is, islands of course, which do not have nothing to envy to the characters in terms of variety, with what you can surely see from desert islands, to snowy islands, underwater or in the sky.

Oda One Piece Scenarios

And not only that, the scenarios also contribute to the development of the story, they not only serve as a background as sometimes we see that the scenario only works to be destroyed or to serve as a place of fight. Here, the scenarios affect in a good or bad way according to the characteristics of their environments, their climates, their fauna and flora (animals and plants) and their own rules to adapt to it.


If there is a point in which Oda dominates with One Piece, it is in his ability to weave the argument through its history, if at any point in the series you think that something does not make sense, surely the answer will be found later, but do not hurry, maybe you will not find it after two or five chapters but maybe you will find it even after two hundred, but it is this same craving for answers, which has led us to almost a thousand anime chapters, a barrier that has already surpassed the manga of which we will talk later.


“Food enters through the eyes”, in the case of anime is the same, a good animation will undoubtedly favor the work in question, and One Piece is no exception, TOEI Animation has always had a great focus on One piece from the beginning, standing out for a fluid animation in general terms, having moments where the company unfolds its full potential when it comes to animating.

Coby Y Luffy

Logically, there are chapters that hold very bizarre moments in terms of animation, but taking into account the number of chapters in this series, it should not pose any problem.


As we know, there are anime inspired by manga that differ from their original material, however, One Piece does not usually distance itself from the material of its author Eiichirō Oda.

Thanks to this, both those who watch anime and manga readers can enjoy quality content that does not differ in almost anything from its drawn or animated counterpart.

One Piece Zoro Anime And Manga

Regarding the films, currently, it consists of fourteen at the moment, which always usually have a villain who differs from the original plots but who fits in the story and the world of One Piece without breaking the balance of power existing in the part of the story in which the movie is set


One piece is not just an anime, it is synonymous with connection to the world, and its more than 430 million copies sold, more than 60 million outside of Japan, support this fact.

We are not only talking about sales of Eiichirō Oda’s manga, we are talking about how his work has inspired from figures, to statues and parks dedicated in a certain way to keeping history alive.

On the other hand, it is an influence for people individually as well, we mention the case of the athlete Miltiadis Tentoglou from Greece, who in his celebration of his medal imitated a gesture of the character Luffy. But it is not an isolated case, we have seen other people imitating poses from the anime, with tattoos or even dedications to the series and to Oda himself, demonstrating what the scope of One Piece means.

In the current era, people live very fast and do not have almost time, which can be the biggest problem for series like One piece to attract new audiences, its own longevity can play against it, surely you have heard someone say «One piece is very long ”and he is right, you don’t see series of almost a thousand chapters every day, however, it is not a reason not to give him a chance to see it, or to read it.

Finally, is One Piece a recommendable series? The answer is yes, it is depending on whether you have a problem with long series, if so, you will be able to enter this world of pirates head first, its plot will not disappoint you and its action, comedy and other situations will not They are going to miss you in this great story, and if you are not from long series, give it a chance that maybe and then you can not detach yourself from the screen.

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The execution of Gold D. Roger, the most famous pirate in history, ushered in a new era of piracy. The adventures of One Piece transport us to East Blue, where we meet Monkey D. Luffy. This young aspiring pirate dreams of being the next pirate king. To do this, without a second’s hesitation, he embarks on a journey across the ocean to recruit his crew and live a thousand adventures.