One Piece: the manga goes on hiatus, soon the end?

news culture One Piece: the manga goes on hiatus, soon the end?

It’s very bad news that came to One Piece fans today: in addition to taking a break (and therefore interrupting the publication of new chapters), Eiichiro Oda will turn to writing the final saga of the manga.

One Piece: No chapter in July

If the announcement of the Berserk manga cover must have enchanted more than one, the beginning of the end is closer than ever for One Piece. Yes, all good things come to an end, especially when they are over twenty-five. In any case, this is what we can say following an official communication: Eiichiro Oda, the author of the manga, will take a one-month break in order to rest. The consequence ? One Piece will be temporarily interrupted during this period, which means that no new chapters will be released between June 27 and July 25 on the Shueisha website:

But, why are we talking about the end of One Piece? Simply because the break taken by Oda will allow him not only to take a well-deserved vacation but also to prepare for the “one piece final saga“. No doubt, the journey of Luffy and company is coming to an end soon.

One Piece: When is the end?

Be careful though: if the conclusion of this work is inexorably approaching, it does not mean that it will happen in the near future. This is evidenced by the length of the last narrative arcs which have taken their time: that of Whole Cake Island took place in nine volumes (i.e. a publication spread over more than two years). That of Wa No Kunicurrently being distributed, should reach twelve or even thirteen volumes, i.e. a publication spread over at least 3 years. The end of One Piece is near, but not too close.

If we must not sell the hull of the pirate ship before having sunk it, there are already many projects to come which will make it possible to find Luffy and his friends in other adventures and this from this year. For example, the card game One Piece Card Game set to release worldwide while a new original story role-playing game named One Piece Odyssey is expected on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series. By the way, it’s the movie One Piece Red which will appear on August 10 in French cinemas: its story focuses on Shanks… and his daughter! Finally, it is the adaptation into a live action series produced by Netflix which is expected and which will make it possible to restart the loop: if success is there, why not dream of an entire adaptation of the manga?

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