One Piece: The Meaning of Water Law Tattoos Explained

One Piece’s Trafalgar Law can be a tough nut to crack. Sometimes he has a cool, arrogant, and sometimes sadistic attitude towards life. However, at other times he is cold, calculating and does not like to show his true feelings. In any case, he appears to be a very reserved individual.

Despite the way Law presents himself emotionally, there are other ways to gain insight into his personality. Along her body are several tattoos that each seem to tell a different story. Deciphering these tattoos could be the key to a better understanding of Law as a person.

One of Law’s most well-known tattoo series, and the one that many people see first, is on his fingers. On each of its proximal phalanges, the letters D, E, A, T and H are written to form the word “DEATH”. The meaning of these tattoos is quite simple: they refer to Law’s nickname, the “surgeon of death”. Whether the nickname or tattoos appeared first remains a mystery, but it’s clear he’s proud of the idea behind it.

Another set of Law’s tattoos, the meaning of which is a little less obvious, is that of Jolly Roger. It has the Heart Pirates’ unaltered Jolly Roger tattooed on the back and a slightly stylized version of it on the chest. Obviously, these tattoos represent the value he places on his pirate crew and his place as captain, but there’s a little more to it.

To understand the meaning of this Jolly Roger, it is necessary to know in depth the past of Law. Years before One Piece started, Law, a terminally ill young man, was taken in by the Donquixote pirates. During his stay, he developed a strong bond with Corazon, one of the crew’s elite officers.

Corazon ends up sacrificing his life to obtain the Op-Op fruit so that Law can use his power to get rid of his disease. One of the last memories Law has of Corazon is his smile. To honor his memory, not only are his pirate crew known as the Heart Pirates, but their Jolly Roger has a smiley face at its center.

It’s also worth noting that the Heart Pirates’ Jolly Roger oddly resembles that of the Donquixote Pirates. This last crew has their smiling face crossed out. The resemblance between the two Jolly Rogers can be seen as a representation of Law’s past ties to the Donquixote Pirates. It could also be interpreted as an insult to the captain of the crew, Donquixote Doflamingo. The latter assumption would make sense, as Law blames Doflamingo for Corazon’s death and has vowed revenge on him.

Law also has several heart shaped tattoos on each of his shoulders and on his chest that can be interpreted in different ways. The most obvious would be that they point to the Heart Pirates. They could also represent Corazon, whose name means ‘heart’ in Spanish, which would explain the heart-shaped tattoo and its resemblance to the Jolly Roger on Law’s chest. The shape of the heart could also represent the Op-Op fruit, which is shaped like a heart. Whatever the reason, the heart motif seems to be an important part of Law’s character.


There are a few other notable tattoos on Law’s forearms and the backs of his hands, although their meaning is unclear. The tattoos on her forearms are shaped like gears with something in the center that resembles the silhouette of the Jolly Roger from the Heart Pirates. The latter form has been interpreted as a stylized steering wheel. The tattoos on the back of her hands also look like ruffles in the shape of a cross. For now, the meaning of these tattoos is left to the interpretation of the fans. As far as we know, they represent the daily life of pirates who struggle to survive in the world.

Law’s tattoos, with a few exceptions, say a lot about the Captain of the Heart Pirates. They seem to indicate a value of trust, camaraderie and cheerfulness that is not often found in the character or in the way they behave. However, he may not be ready to admit it; he seems too proud of his notoriety as a pirate for that.