One Piece: the Netflix series gives us a glimpse of the manga’s most iconic object

news culture One Piece: the Netflix series gives us a glimpse of the manga’s most iconic object

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While the Netflix series is quiet, although it is supposed to be released by the end of 2023, certain elements of the series do not hesitate to place themselves in the spotlight. At the moment, a pop-up event is being held in Tokyo and you can admire two objects from the filming there, one of which is none other than one of the greatest symbols of the saga of more than a hundred volumes of Eichiro Oda. Undoubtedly, this will appeal to fans of the One Piece manga!

One of the symbols of One Piece is exposed before the release of the Netflix series

The more projects for films or live-action series drawn from manga or anime pile up, the more fans of the original works are worried about the final rendering. In the lot, the live-action series One Pieceheaded by Netflix, does not dodge this general rule and apprehension. To calm all these beautiful people, the emblematic author of the epic adventures of the Mugiwaras has stepped up to the plate by sharing a press release which, as the SVOD giant hopes, will manage to appease the climate of distrust that revolves around this project. Eh yes, the launch of the show is getting closer and we begin, at regular intervals, to be entitled to some elements of communication that try to entice the fans.

Netflix and the executives of the project are not afraid to try to charm the most fervent admirers of the work of Eiichiro Oda, even though they are certainly the most ruthless spectators. In this case, the official Twitter account of the manga One Piece shared two visuals linked to the next live-action series, including an object that is particularly inseparable from the work. Obviously, it is impossible not to think of the emblematic straw hat that Shanks le Roux wore before bequeathing it to Monkey D. Luffy. In short, quite a symbol for the elastic hero who will even go so far as to make him one of the main distinctive signs of the Jolly Roger of his crew. In addition to the hat, we even discover, as part of this pop-up event “OnlyOnNetflix”, the “experimental” flag designed by the holder of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. We don’t know if it will completely reassure fans before the release, but it could, at least, make them happy for a few moments.

Netflix is ​​playing big with the One Piece live-action series, as expected as it is decried!

trying to adapt One Piece in live-action series, Netflix plays big, very big. The hardest part of all this will be not to disappoint the fans to the highest degree: in France, for example, the enthusiasm for Eiichiro Oda’s manga is simply immense, and has been for twelve years. However, showing us objects from the series, as mentioned above, can sometimes set things on fire. We remember that last February, some Internet users castigated the Netflix series for a vulgar story… of shoes ! Anyway, we can’t wait to discover the first extracts since at the moment we only had to settle for a few quick behind-the-scenes glimpses.

From what we know, for the moment, the series One Piece in live action is supposed to be released in the next few months, by the end of the year. While we are still awaiting details on the release date, we know more about the background of this adaptation which should transpose the first ten or even eleven volumes of the work of Eiichiro Oda, i.e. the first adventures of Luffy, in the company of Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji, aboard the Vogue Merry. If you want more information about the series, you can always check out our article which provides an update on the show to appear on Netflix.

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