One Piece: the new opening reveals a mysterious character who has not yet appeared in the anime

It only appears for a second, but we reveal to you the identity of this mysterious character.

The wano country arc has left many interesting details in One Piece. He has even answered questions that fans of the series have been asking for a long time. The Battle of Onigashima was the peak moment that has not left anyone indifferent, but they still await more surprises not to be missed. One Piece has just released the new opening with Wano sequences, the fight between Monkey D. Luffy against Kaido and other scenes. However, there is a frame that reveals a mysterious character who has not yet appeared in the anime. You realized?

The theme that sounds under these lines it’s called PAINT and is performed by I Don’t Like Mondays. The new opening picks up the emotion that was experienced throughout the Wano arc and the confrontation between the Mugiwara and the Beasts Pirates. so it’s normal meet familiar faces among Kaido’s allies like Big Mom or the figure of Yamato, one of the biggest revelations of this plot. However, in the second 6 of the video a mysterious figure appears in the shadows that cannot be identified. At least if you’re not up to date with the manga. Next we tell you the identity of this character, but if you don’t want SPOILERS of the anime you can stop reading right now.

Who is the mysterious character in the new opening?

Exact frame where Rock D. Xebec appears.

Manga readers are sure to recognize this mysterious figure. Is about Rocks D. Xebec, captain of the Rocks Pirates and a dangerous character who rivaled Gol D. Roger for become the king of the world. He was so powerful that the World Government compared him to a terrorist organization and had to team up with Roger to stop him. Much has already been said in the manga about this character, whose crew was made up of current renowned pirates like Whitebeard, Big Mom or Kaido himself.

It has been said of him that he was Roger’s closest rival and stronger than Whitebeard. Therefore, it is surprising that the anime series has not yet delved into this story, although this is due in large part to the efforts of the World Government. to hide his legacy. His appearance in the new opening of One Piece already anticipates the importance of this infamous pirate. Here are 5 reasons to start watching One Piece despite its length to catch up on one of the best anime series ever made.

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