One Piece: The Original Seven Warlords, Ranked by Utility

The Seven Warlords were pirates who were given special protection by the World Government in exchange for their services. They were part of the main antagonists of the seriesOne Piece before the timeskip and, since then, they posed a secondary threat.

Although all the Warlords made the same promise to the Marines, their willingness and ability to fulfill it varies significantly between them. By ranking the original seven based on their usefulness, we can better determine which of them were truly invaluable to their benefactors and to what extent they supported the Navy throughout their tenure as hired mercenaries.

7 the crocodile made a fool of the world government and saved Luffy at Marineford

Crocodile’s attempt to destabilize and overthrow Alabasta was an embarrassment to the Warlords. Considering that the desert nation was aligned with the World Government, he questioned the credibility of the program. It also didn’t help that he was shot down by a pirate with fewer than 100 million berries.

To top it all, Crocodile was responsible for saving Luffy from Akainu during Marineford’s escape. Ultimately, he brought almost nothing to the Marines and challenged them at all times.

6 Jinbe was almost useless to the Marines and later joined the Straw Hats1632248313 314 One Piece The Original Seven Warlords Ranked by Utility.webp

Jinbe was appointed Warchief in an attempt to salvage the bad relationship between the Fishmen and the surface world. On the surface, he was a good candidate because the inhabitants of the Isle of Fish-Men respected him enormously, and his honorable character suggested that he would not rebel when it suited him.

However, it also made him refuse to endure the atrocities of the World Government. His stubbornness led to him being imprisoned at Impel Down, where he formally met Ace in person. Much later, Jinbe became an official member of the Straw Hat crew. Without a doubt, he was much more useful to Luffy and the Straw Hats than he was to the World Government.

5 Boa Hancock gave more trouble than she was worth, but she still helped the World Government1632248313 168 One Piece The Original Seven Warlords Ranked by Utility.webp

Boa Hancock was the leader of Amazon Lily and a reluctant ally to the World Government. Seeing how she helped destroy the pacifists and actively sheltered Luffy from the Marines, it’s hard to consider her a reliable Warlord. After all, the prisoners of Impel Down would never have been able to escape without her.

However, he also reduced Whitebeard’s people in the battle for Marineford to reaffirm his loyalty to the Navy. Subsequently, he was less destructive than Crocodile and more helpful than Jinbe in considering the World Government agenda.

4 Doflamingo was useful to the World Government, but his ulterior motives led to his disgrace1632248314 825 One Piece The Original Seven Warlords Ranked by Utility.webp

Doflamingo was active in the Marineford War. He took on Crocodile, helped take down Oars Jr., and defeated dozens of Whitebeard’s men on his own. Furthermore, he was the only warlord, aside from Kuma, who answered the call of the Marines behind the Skypiea arc.

Although this might suggest that he was a reliable ally, Doflamingo’s other operations (such as his deal with Kaido) completely discredited the value of his contributions.

3 Kuma’s loss of humanity made him more useful to the Marines1632248314 984 One Piece The Original Seven Warlords Ranked by Utility.webp

Although Kuma was initially a member of the Revolutionary Army, the World Government gradually stripped him of his humanity. It was a great asset at Marineford, mainly because it prevented the oars from penetrating the walls and provided the template for the pacifists.

However, Kuma’s last act of defiance would have dire consequences later on. By dispersing the Straw Hats around the world, he prevented Kizaru from capturing them and doing “justice” for the assault on Saint Charloss.

2 Gecko Moria did not betray the World Government in any notable way1632248314 520 One Piece The Original Seven Warlords Ranked by Utility.webp

Throughout his tenure under the World Government, Gecko Moria has always been dependable. By kidnapping the pirates in the Florian Triangle, he reduced their numbers and did exactly what his masters asked him to do. Moria even lent his armies of the undead at the Battle of Marineford, illustrating his commitment to the cause.

However, Doflamingo noticed that he was weak and tried to kill him at the end of the battle. Shocked and betrayed, Moria disappeared before her attacker could finish the job. Even so, he is quite loyal and has not shown any sign of breaking his connection with the World Government.

1 Mihawk is the most responsible member of the Warlords1632248314 381 One Piece The Original Seven Warlords Ranked by Utility.webp

Mihawk is the most responsible member of the Warlords. He demonstrated his commitment to duty by destroying Don Krieg’s army and pursuing him to the East Blue. Furthermore, he realized the threat that Luffy posed and nearly killed him in Marineford with powerful shockwaves.

However, not even Mihawk’s record is completely flawless when it comes to loyalty. He welcomed and trained Roronoa Zoro despite his status as a Straw Hat pirate. This suggests that the swordsman is not as loyal to his benefactors as he would like them to believe, although he is still objectively less damaging than others.