One Piece: The Seraphim, a genetic mixture of Lunarias and Shichibukai? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 13 Sep 2022 at 18:32

The new weapons of the World Government, the Seraphim, which appeared in One Piece Chapter 1059, questions. Could they be the result of a mixture of Lunaria and Shichibukai DNA?

the One Piece Final Chapter 1059 talked a lot. And for good reason, we discovered the famous weapons recently developed by Vegapunk, which were to take the place of the “Pacifista Kuma”, and of such power that they made it possible to do without the third great force in the world of One Piece, the Shichibukai. If for the moment we have only been able to glimpse the strength of these “seraphs”, we have not been disappointed with their potential, which allows them to cast doubt on a monster such as Blackbeard. But yet, a halo of mystery still surrounds these weapons, which have a very strange physics. A physique that reminds us of both that of King, but also of the Shichibukai!

Goodbye Pacifistas!

Indeed, these little soldiers have wings, white hair, and have brown skin, as Teach reminds us. But it’s exactly King’s chara design, which we could see after a gigantic attack by Zoro, a chara design that is that of his people, the Lunarias. On the other hand, level face, it is quite another thing which one sees, with one of these machines resembling devilishly to Mihawk, whereas another is the spitting image of young Boa Hancock. We clearly have the impression of having to deal with a genetic mix.

And the assumption is not crazy. We remember that Vegapunk, at the base of these creations, is the one who discovered the famous “lineage factor”, the blueprint of each living being, thanks to which Judge Vinsmoke was able to create clones, Vegapunk a copy of the Uo Uo no Mi from Kaido, and Cesar Clown from artificial Devil Fruit. Until then, the mastery of this lineage factor only allowed to build copies. Here Vegapunk seems to have reached a higher stage, mastering this knowledge enough to this time build hybrid beings from several available lineage factors. It must indeed be remembered that King was once in the hands of the World Government and its scientists, while the Shichibukai, often in contact with the authorities, could easily have a copy of their DNA stolen.

César Clown implicated in the Seraph affair?

The last important point to note is that these PXs have the childlike faces of Mihawk and Boa Hancock. However, there was a scientist who worked and experimented with children… it was César Clown. The latter would he have participated in the work of Vegapunk despite his detestation of the latter? Or did the genius of this world simply seize the results of these experiments, although he blamed them on Caesar Clown, to end up with the seraphim?