One Piece the series: The Live Action Netflix actor speaks to fans of the saga

news culture One Piece the series: The Live Action Netflix actor speaks to fans of the saga

To celebrate a special event, the actor of Luffy in the Netflix adaptation of One Piece spoke yesterday on the networks. A filmed speech where he inquires about people’s dreams.


  • One Piece: a special event yesterday
  • One Piece Netflix: the info in brief

One Piece: a special event yesterday

This year will mark the arrival of a host of new One Piece products. The fifteenth movie One Piece Redthe card game One Piece Card Game or the video game One Piece Odyssey. Expected at a date still unknown, it is the live-action adaptation produced by Netflix which is also expected by fans. We already know part of the cast, with Iñaki Godoy who lends his features to the main character of Luffy. Yesterday, on Twitter, he took to the floor to celebrate something quite special:

Happy Birthday to the future Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy! Today we celebrate the adventures and dreams of all the Straw Hats around the world. What are your dreams?

Yesterday marked Luffy’s birthday, an opportunity for Netflix and the actor to bring the fan community together around a special event.

One Piece Netflix: the info in brief

In any case, this new speech also shows that Netflix does not forget the fans. It must be recognized that this beginning of the year 2022 was marked by several weighty pieces of information around adaptation. We know the actors who will embody the members of Luffy’s crew, but also those who will lend their features to important characters seen during the first story arcs from the Serie. The filming has already started, and some boats have already pointed the tip of their noses.

Unfortunately, no date or even release period has been specified by Netflix regarding this adaptation. On this subject, it also lacks a first trailer to get a general idea of ​​how Netflix will transpose the famous universe of One Piece into a live-action series. Hoping it doesn’t have the same fate as Cowboy Bebop: A hit anime released in the 90s, Cowboy Bebop has been the subject of a live-action adaptation by Netflix. However, it seems that the success was not there: it was canceled after the first season.

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