One Piece: the surprising fight between Yamato and Ulti – JAPANFM

One Piece surprised fans with the great clash of Yamato and Ulti in the last episode of the series! The anime prepares to cross the monumental milestone of the 1000th episode, and it couldn’t have been better since the war on Onigashima is breaking out. After the Akazaya Nine officially take a stand against Kaido in the previous episode, the island is on the verge of falling into chaos, as both sides in the conflict realize what happened and take action. . One of the first clashes of this chaos took place between Yamato and Ulti.

After chasing them over the last few episodes, following Yamato’s rescue of Luffy, Ulti has built a solid reputation with Yamato. Although she was initially tasked with pursuing Yamato on Kaido’s orders, the situation became much more personal. This is what emerges from their major clash in Episode 996. Not only can fans see yet another demonstration of Yamato’s harshness, but also another demonstration of how difficult it is to defeat Ulti.

Episode 996 of the series picks up right after the Akazaya Nine all stab Kaido in the chest, and in the aftermath, everyone goes wild in chaos. Not only do Kaido’s forces begin their counterattack, but the Hidden Samurai have made themselves known and also begin their attack. Although Luffy has caused mayhem in the Kaido base in the last few episodes, it is now that the official war between all these forces begins.

This means we’re going to see a lot more of Yamato’s abilities in action, and unfortunately, it also means the same for Ulti and the rest of the Tobi Roppo members. While it seems like there has already been a ton of fighting in the Onigashima section so far, this is really just the start. As the series gears up for Episode 1000 and beyond, the Wano Country arc still has plenty of surprises in store that fans can’t wait to see unfold in future episodes. But what do you think?