One Piece: The world government shows its power with a brutal attack

The popular series sleeve one pieceis best known for her intricate mysteries, world without limits, and her childlike sense of adventure, but even so, these whimsical qualities may take a backseat to the next arc of the series, as One Piece begins to commit atrocities on a global scale, starting with killing everyone on an entire island.

That’s right, and even though the sleeve is no stranger to war crimes, as evidenced by the vast history of political turmoil, especially those perpetrated by the world governmentSince the ruling body has become obsessed with controlling and erasing any hint of insurgency, to the point of rewriting history itself to exclude those who even consider rebellion, it is no surprise that the World Government has been responsible for some of the worst atrocities in history.

Being responsible for events like the genocidal cleansing of Ohara and the enslavement of former rulers like Bartholomew Kuma come to mind when we think of the World Government’s despotic tendencies, and despite this record, never before has the World Government been as bloodthirsty as now.

Since in One Piece chapter 1060, the secret king of the world, Im-sama chose to remove an island known as Lulucia from the sea in its entirety. From what was obtained, it appears that Lulucia completely vaporized herself in an effort to prevent the Commander of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo, from passing on information about Im to the rest of the army.

To this end, any member of the World Government aware of this event is even ordered to act as if Lulucia never existed. Even the knowledge of whether Sabo managed to survive thanks to his Logia no Mi is up in the air, as One Piece has truly never seen destruction and mass casualties like this before.

One Piece’s world government has never been more brutal than it is now, which has been hinting at the idea of ​​a “great cleanup” ever since the Reverie over a hundred chapters ago. It seems that the wave of rebellion sweeping the Grand Line thanks to Sabo’s efforts as a Revolutionary could not go unanswered by the World Government either.

Now that the balance of power has drastically changed thanks to the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom, the World Government has a great opportunity to crush the up-and-coming Yonko while securing their place in the world. Previously, the Yonko and the World Government acted as separate entities that controlled each other, but now it seems that the World Government no longer believes that it is necessary to maintain this fragile system of checks and balances, but the destruction of Lulucia is only the beginning.

Especially after One Piece has been preparing for a final war for the last 1000 chapters and the World Government unleashing the power to wipe islands off the face of the map is just the tip of the iceberg.