One Piece: these are all Chopper’s transformations

at the time of seeing one piece it is quite common that people’s eyes are fixed on characters like Luffy, Zoro or Sanji, since they are the ones with the most impressive attacks. Of all the members of the straw hat gang there is one who is especially underrated when it comes to combat strength and versatility, and of course I am referring to Chopper.

If you don’t follow the anime, you might think that this reindeer is some kind of Luffy’s pet, but that’s not the case. Tony Tony Chopper, besides being the doctor of the mugiwara, can become a powerful warrior thanks to his various transformations. This is a user of a Zoan fruit, so it can take three different forms. However, his chaos is special and can go further thanks to the Rumble Ballssome drugs invented by him that allow him to have more freedom when it comes to modifying his body.

All Chopper transformations in One Piece


This is the chopper ground state. The Hito Hito no Mi that he consumed years ago gave him great intelligence and made him resemble human beings (mentally speaking). In his Brain Point he is a very adorable and funny character, has no combat skills.

Walk Point

one piece

When Chopper needs great mobility, covering long distances or transporting someone, he turns to his Walk Point. In this form he becomes an ordinary reindeer that can move at high speed.

Heavy Point

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Now yes. This is the human form in which Chopper can fight at ease and use great attack power. Reindeer grows quite large into a mass of muscles that can face the toughest opponents.

jumping point


From here we begin with the “artificial” transformations that Chopper can achieve after consuming a Rumble Ball. The first is the Heavy Point, which empowers the character’s legs to make it capable of spectacular jumps with which you can travel long distances in one fell swoop.

With this form it could be equated to the abilities that Sanji has when it comes to using his legs for combat.

Guard Point

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Does Chopper need to defend against any attacks? It’s okay, that’s why it has its fluffy Guard Point. This transformation allows Chopper to turn into a large ball of fur that has the ability to absorb powerful blows. Unfortunately it seems that he can’t resort to any attacks when in this form.

Arm Point

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Now we are facing the opposite case to Jumping Point. Instead of empowering the use of his legs, Chopper has the option of strengthen your arms to the point of having biceps and triceps that seem to be about to explode. With this transformation he can pack really strong punches (with his hooves) with which can destroy you seem whole.

horn point

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Visually, this is perhaps the transformation of Chopper that I like the most visually. The Horn Point turns him into a hybrid between reindeer and human that It has a large antlers that can be used in multiple ways.. It can even dig!

In its day it was said that this it was the most powerful form of the characteruntil he discovered another one that far surpassed it…

Monster Point

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This was what i meant. In the Enies Lobby arc it was discovered that Chopper had a secret Rumble Ball up his sleeve, one that he had as a final resource that turns him into a colossal creature that can destroy entire cities as if it were an Ozaru from Dragon Ball.

At first Chopper lost consciousness when he activated Monster Point, but during his two years of training he learned to master it. Now he doesn’t impose as much as before, right?

kungfu point

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After the timeskip we have only been shown a completely new transformation. Chopper’s Kung Fu Point allows the mugiwara reindeer to have access to a large arsenal of martial arts techniques with which he can deliver blows at high speed.

This form first appeared during the Fishman Island arc, where he easily got rid of dozens of opponents.

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