One Piece: These are all Luffy’s rewards and how he got them

Luffy went from being a nobody to becoming one of the pirates with the highest bounties of the entire series of one piece. Gradually his actions gained notoriety as the bounty on his head increased on his “Wanted” poster.

Roughly, the captain of the Straw Hat pirates has had seven different bounties from its departure from the East Blue and through its journey along the Grand Line to the “New World”.

Each of the following rewards have been increasing compared to the previous one and they were established by the Marine HQ according to the events that Luffy (and the Straw Hat Gang) were involved in.

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30 million berries

The victory over the pirates fish-man of Arlong in the Cocoyashi village finished the first reward that our protagonist received and with which he became known in the pirate world. Arlong at that time was the most dangerous pirate in the East Blue.

According to Navy Officer Brannew, this is the highest bounty ever given to a pirate from the eastern seas.

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100 million berries

This substantial reward was earned by our protagonist after the incident in Alabasta that resulted in the defeat of “Sir” Crocodile and the criminal organization Baroque Works. Although Luffy was the one to beat him, the event was classified as a Navy victory to cover up a pirate’s help in liberating the country of Alabasta. Still a new bounty was placed on the Straw Hat captain.

Pirates who have a bounty of 100 million or more also start to be watched by the World Government.

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300 million berries

Nico Robin’s rescue led Luffy and the Straw Hat crew to attack the judicial island of Ennies Lobby. Both the destruction of the island and the escape with Robin (the last survivor of Ohara Island) raised the reward of our pirate captain.

The invasion of Ennies Lobby was seen as a declaration of war by the Straw Hat gang against the World Government. It is also worth mentioning that from this point on each member of the crew obtained a bounty of their own and since then this organization considers them a threat.

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400 million berries

The great war on the summit pitted the Whitebeard pirates against the best officers of the Navy and the Schichibukai in a fight without quarter. In the middle of this historical event of the series, Luffy was infiltrated along with a group of prisoners released from Impel Down.

In this reward, only Luffy’s participation in the war was taken into account, so the release of Impel Down prisoners was also a fact hidden from the world by both the Navy and the World Government. Luffy didn’t know about this reward until he arrived at Fish-Man Island after the timeskip two years old

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500 million berries

The “heavenly demon” Donquixote Doflamingo maintained a trafficking network of weapons and devil fruits while tricking an entire country into impersonating their king. Meanwhile the then Shichibukai kidnapped Marine Agents, the World Government and other people transforming them into toys to erase people’s memories of them.

Both the Navy and the World Government raised Luffy’s bounty for defeating this dangerous pirate. It was also the first bounty to show a different picture of Luffy (probably to update his poster after his disappearance for two years).

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1.5 billion berries

The infiltration of Luffy in the territory of a Yonkou It became the biggest blow that the character could give according to the president of the World Newspaper, Morgans since no pirate currently crossed his mind to face one of the four emperors of the sea.

The news came as a triumph for the Straw Hat Pirate, as he stood up to one of the four Emperors of the Sea by leading an attack alongside other dangerous pirates and criminal figures. Since then, Luffy has earned the nickname “Fifth Emperor of the Sea” and has been given a bounty of 1.5 billion Berries on his head.

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“Below you will find information about the last of Luffy’s bounties, so proceed only if you are ready to see a SPOILER for chapter 1053 as big as Zoro’s chest”

3 billion berries

Following the battle between the Sea Emperors and the Worst Generation Pirates, Luffy earned his most recent reward after defeating Kaido and Big Mom. alongside pirate captains Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law. The news broke that the three pirates now hold the same $3 billion bounty thanks to a feat unprecedented since the time of “Gold” Roger or Whitebeard.

However, Luffy was the only one among the new generation pirates who acquired the official title of Yonko, one of the new four emperors of the sea. His new reward also shows our protagonist using the Gear 5, ability acquired thanks to the “awakening” of its fruit.

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What do you think of Luffy’s journey and his rewards within one piece?


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