One Piece: These are the Devil Fruits of the Blackbeard Pirates

These are some of the Devil Fruits that have been confirmed in One Piece among Blackbeard’s crew.

The Blackbeard Pirates they are one of the strongest pirate crews to have appeared in the manga of one piece. The crew is led by Marshall D. Teach, better known as blackbeard. This group of pirates has its origin sometime after Blackbeard left the Whitebeard Pirates. It didn’t take long for the crew to attract the attention of the world and become the most feared pirates of the sea.

These are some of the Devil Fruits that have been confirmed in One Piece among Blackbeard’s crew.

So far, the Blackbeard Pirates have been involved in the paramount warthe War of Vengeance and the Rocky Port Incident. After a timeskip, the crew has been actively hunting down some of the devil fruit bearers for be able to acquire their skills. Now they have in their hands some of the most powerful devil fruits in the world. one piece, and will continue to hunt until they are stopped. These are some of them:

One Piece confirms a great theory about Blackbeard

One Piece confirms a great theory about Blackbeard

Wapu Wapu no Mi

This powerful devil fruit was consumed by Van Augur, who plays the role of a sniper for the pirates of blackbeard and he showed his strength in One Piece chapter 1063.

The fruit allows people in deform itself and also to other people. He used this ability to teleport Jesus Burgess to the island where the Heart Pirates had landed. This ability can be potentially lethal, as Van Augur could deform his bullets, making his targets seem impossible to dodge by turning into a truly lethal character.

Riki Riki no Mi

Jesus Burgess is the captain of the first ship of the Blackbeard Pirates, implying that he is Blackbeard’s right-hand man. blackbeard. Burgess’s Devil Fruit grants its user a terrifying amount of power as he was able to lift a mountain with just his bare hands.

Back in the Dressrosa arc, Burgess tried to get the Mera Mera not Mi, but his failed in his mission. Also, his face was also damaged by Sabo’s attacks, which was evident when he was fighting the Heart Pirates.

Blackbeard Foreign Body

Blackbeard has eaten the Devil Fruit twice.

Shiku Shiku no Mi

In this case, the devil fruit is found in the possession of Doc Q. The devil fruit is capable of infecting the target with all sorts of diseases. in the manga, Doc Q la against Trafalgar Lawwhich turned him into a woman.

Any member of the crew who was in contact with Law was also affected by the disease. It is unknown what other diseases can create this devil fruit, but that should be revealed as the chapters progress.

Yami Yami no Mi

This is the perfect fruit for someone like Blackbeard, whose heart is filled with nothing but darkness. Yami Yami no Mi It is a fruit that has an overwhelming power level.

The Yami Yami no Mi allows its user to manipulate darkness at will. The darkness created by the Devil Fruit can encompass absolutely everything, and once an object is trapped inside, gravity crushes whatever is inside it. In addition to this, the devil fruit allows blackbeard nullify the power of other Devil Fruits, giving him a great advantage in battles.

One Piece 1064 blackbeard

Blackbeard’s crew, like him, is surrounded by great mysteries, as they had never demonstrated what kind of power they possessed until now.

Gura Gura no Mi

one piece has shown that this fruit is one of the most capable to destroy the entire world. Gives the ability to its user create earthquakes anywhere, and these earthquakes can cause absolute chaos. After Whitebeard’s death, this Devil Fruit was stolen by Blackbeard.

Hie Hie no Mi

This fruit was consumed by the former admiral of the Marine, Aokiji. The devil fruit is very powerful as it allows its user to manipulate ice at will. Aokiji can freeze to any person or object in seconds, rendering them unable to fight.

Due to his ability, Aokiji he played a crucial role in the Armada’s victory over the Whitebeard Pirates. If it wasn’t for the power of him, White beard it would have destroyed the entire island in a matter of seconds.