One Piece: these are the most powerful swords in the series

Discover some of the swords that shake the world of One Piece.

One Piece is a series that has among its protagonists a rubber boy who hits with his fists from fifty meters away at the same time that we also have characters that only attack with their legs. However, as a good hacking franchise, the swordsmen could not misswhile even one of Luffy’s crew members dreams of being the best in the world.

And it is that if recently we have been able to know more about Zoro’s role in the Straw Hat crewit must be said that this character has had various swords throughout the seriesbeing so that he has faced some of the most powerful characters in the world when it comes to handling these weapons.

Zoro has had some of the most powerful swords in One Piece.


Roronoa Zoro is a faithful follower of Monkey D. Luffy.

In this way, knowing that the swords have their own name and that there are still many to know, it has been seen that characters like Zoro have owned several of the strongest swordsbeing so that this character has wielded Wado Ichimonji, Shusui and Enmabeing the first of these the most special for the member of the Straw Hats because it belonged to his best friend and rival during childhood, being so that it is even the relic that reminds him of his dream to be the best swordsman in the world.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the history of Shusuithis being a sword that Zoro got by defeating Ryuma in Thriller Bark, belonging, like the previous one, to the select group of the 21 most powerful swords and be able to even cut a galleon in half and to be able to decapitate a dragon in Punk Hazar, this being the proof of how powerful is this sword.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore emmawhich he obtained in an exchange for Shusui, even though this is a sword that has been able to withstand Whitebeard’s attack as well as damaging Kaido. However, the most special thing about him is undoubtedly his ability to drain Haki from its wielder to gain speed and strength, thereby giving rise to being a real wonder when it comes to finishing off resistant enemies, such as the aforementioned Kaido.

Whitebeard was also the possessor of the other great swords in One Piece.

Whitebeard, has been proclaimed as the "World's strongest man"after the death of Gol D. Roger

Whitebeard, has been proclaimed as the “Strongest Man in the World”, after the death of Gol D. Roger

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the fact that there have been other great swords in the seriesbeing so we have another example in Murakumogiri, the sword of Whitebeard and that made clear its enormous power when facing Ace, the sword of Gol D. Roger that both used on several occasions in their combats without either suffering any type of damage.

Of course, the case of Whitebeard’s sword is quite special, since, unlike any of those that appears in the series, this it was a naginata and not a katana, thereby giving rise to a more special status, appearance and design than any other sword on this list. Also, it is known that Murakumogiri is strong enough to be used in conjunction with Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit.this being the one that is believed to be the strongest that exist.

Dracule Mihawk is the ultimate swordsman in the One Piece universe.

Mihawk is a swordsman from One Piece.

Mihawk is the best swordsman in One Piece.

Finally, it is time to talk about what is considered by many to be the most powerful sword in One Piece, being so that Yoru is another of supreme grade like the previous two, but surpassing them with a great advantage. And, how could she be otherwise, she belongs to Dracule Mihawk, the best swordsman in this universe and Zoro’s declared rival, whom he must beat in order to make his dream come true.

And it is that, not for nothing, the abilities of this sword are superior to any other to the point of being able to easily cut a ship in two without using too much force and even being able to cut something hundreds of meters away, as Mihawk demonstrated at Marineford. It is for all this that, with an abysmal difference, Yoru obtains the rank of being the most powerful sword in One Piece.

For all this, it will be necessary to see the role that these swords have towards the end of One Piece, since everything indicates that the final arc of Eiichiro Oda’s anime and manga will be an event in itself, in which it is quite likely that there will be one crossing of swords after another. Time will tell.