One Piece: these reasons explain why Sanji should never have started smoking

Sanji suffered a trauma that almost led to his death as a child.

One Piece is in one of its best moments today, since, despite the fact that it has been announced that the manga is going to start its final arcEiichiro Oda’s work has overtaken Harry Potter as the most recommended work of fiction in history, thus giving rise to people who even have no interest in manga are being introduced to this world.

And this has been seen thanks to its characters, among which the members of the Straw Hat crew stand out, which is made up of Luffy, Zoro, of whom we have recently been able to see a cosplay, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, among others. many others. However, in this case we are going to focus on the crew cook, who was originally characterized by smoking.

Sanji’s childhood trauma is incompatible with smoking according to fans


Sanji is one of the oldest characters in the One Piece universe.

Being introduced in the Baratie arc, it has been seen as Sanji smoked in his first appearance, this being something highly criticized in One Piece. And in fact, many fans believe that he should never even have smoked, since the trauma that he experienced in his childhood, where he was living on a rocky island with hardly any food it almost leads him to starvation, since he barely had enough for five days.

After being rescued, he and Zeff, the pirate captain with whom he lived this experience, set up a restaurant in the middle of the ocean so that no one would have to drift hungry. And it is right here where it is not understood that Sanji started smokingthis being illogical if we take into account how harmful it is to health, as well as the addiction it creates, so that, if I had already smoked on that island, dependence would have been greater.

It must be said that the justification that can be given to this derives from the same medical advances, since it may be that in the One Piece universe it is not known how harmful nicotine is. Be that as it may, at least in our reality we already know that smoking is very unhealthy, so the best way to avoid nicotine addiction is not to smoke at any time.