One Piece: This Could Be Luffy’s Next Big Fight And It’s Aiming To Be Epic

This article will contain spoilers…

With Blackbeard already having in his hands everything he needs to become the King of the Pirates, your battle with Luffy will come sooner than expected in One Piece. Before continuing, it is worth mentioning that this article will contain spoilers, if you don’t want to ruin your experiencecome back after reading the latest chapters available on MangaPlus by Shueisha. Also, these spoilers will be important for the development of this final fight.

Of the four Road Poneglyphs, one was kept by the Mink tribe on Zou, one by Kaido on Wano, and one by Big Mom on Whole Cake Island, while the location of the fourth is unknown. The first two have been copied by Trafalgar Law, who has been ambushed by Teach and his crew. Some clues point to the fact that Blackbeard has the fourth Poneglyph.which means that he only lacks Big Mom’s and the means to read it, but One Piece chapter 1064 shows that he just acquired both.

one piece 1064 blackbeard

One Piece chapter 1064 seems to be the prelude to one of the biggest battles in the franchise, between Blackbeard and Monkey D. Luffy.

Both the cover story and the chapter itself confirm that two Blackbeard pirates, Aokiji and Van Augur, infiltrated Whole Cake Island, taking advantage of Big Mom’s absence, and kidnapped her daughter Pudding, who has the power to understand everything. languages. It is highly unlikely that Aokiji and Van Augur have not used this opportunity to steal Big Mom’s Poneglyph as well., even if this is not shown in the manga. If Blackbeard’s battle against Law goes as expected, and if Teach really does have the mysterious fourth Poneglyph, then the evil villain has everything he needs to find Laugh Tale and reclaim the One Piece and the title of Pirate King.

The only hope left for Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates to defeat him is that Pudding hasn’t awakened his ability yet. to listen to the “Voice of All Things” and thus understand the Poneglyphs’ script, which buys them precious time. Also, Pudding was Sanji’s fiancée not too long ago, which means that when they find out about the kidnapping, the Straw Hat Pirates will rush to her rescue, triggering a confrontation with the Blackbeard Pirates in the near future. . Many One Piece readers believe that Blackbeard will be the final villain in the series, but author Eiichiro Oda seems to be moving things in a different direction as all signs point to the epic battle between Luffy and Blackbeard happening long before that. the expected.

One Piece presents the most anticipated battle

One Piece 1064 shows the inevitable fight between Blackbeard and Luffy, a long awaited match. The franchise’s most anticipated battle may be happening sooner than expected, as Luffy and Blackbeard are almost ready to square off for the title of King of the Pirates. While many believe that this will be the final battle of the series, it is possible that Blackbeard already has everything he needs to find the hidden island of Laugh Tale and claim the One Piece treasure, which means his confrontation with Luffy isn’t that far in the future.

One Piece 1064 blackbeard

Blackbeard’s crew, like him, is surrounded by great mysteries, as they had never demonstrated what kind of power they possessed until now.

Blackbeard is perhaps the most vicious villain in the entire One Piece series – he’s mischievous, opportunistic, and cruel as only the worst pirates can be. However, Marshall D. Teach also has many parallels to the protagonist Luffy, including the same outrageous goal: find Gol D. Roger’s treasure that awaits in Laugh Tale and become the new Pirate King. To find that mysterious island, you need all four Road (or Lode) Poneglyphs, precious stone slabs from an ancient civilization that, when put together, show the way to Laugh Tale. The inscriptions on the Poneglyphs, however, need to be translated, and only a handful of people in the world can do it. Due to recent developments in One Piece, Blackbeard may already have everything she needs to make it to Laugh Tale.