One Piece: This detail makes Ace’s death even more painful

Ace’s death has been one of the saddest in this series.

There is no doubt that Ace has been one of the characters most emblematic of this workbecause his great personality immediately captivated the faithful followers of this series, taking the love of all.

Ace’s death marked a before and after in this series, since it was decisive for the development of Luffy as a character. Likewise, this tragic event has caused great pain to the fans of this work, since a long time has passed since his death and it is still remembered as one of the most tragic.

In the Wano arc that has recently culminated, it was revealed several fragments about Ace’s life that have made his death even more painful than it already was. Next, we tell you the details.

Ace’s tragic death

Ace protects Luffy from Akainu's attack, losing his life at the hands of this Admiral.

Ace protects Luffy from Akainu’s attack, losing his life at the hands of this Admiral.

Ace’s death has been one of the outcomes most tragic of this worksince, being a descendant of the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Rogerhis fate was more than decided.

Before meeting death, Ace was looking for blackbeardwho had betrayed Shirohige and stolen the devil fruit Yami Yami no Mi, so Roger’s son decides to go after him to make him pay for his actions.

However, finding Blackbeard, this pirate and Ace have a tough confrontation, where Kurohige is victorious, who has made a deal with the navy and delivery to Roger’s son, in exchange for becoming a Shichibukai. This was taken advantage of by the navy that makes the decision to execute it publicly.

This announcement travels the seas and reaches the ears of Whitebeard, Ace’s captain, who decides to get going and command multiple fleets to go to rescue this young pirate. Likewise, Luffy who is Ace’s sworn brother also goes for him.

Whitebeard quickly went to Marineford to rescue Ace.

Whitebeard quickly went to Marineford to Ace’s rescue.

The siege of Marineford by pirates unleashes a big war between this group and the navy, having as protagonists the Admirals who have put themselves in the line of attack to repel intruders who try to rescue Ace.

During the development of this war, Akainu is for deliver a fatal blow to Luffy. However, Ace appears and gets in the way to save the Straw Hat, for which he is pierced by the powerful fist of this admiral who end life of this pirate.

In the middle of his death bed, Ace thanks Luffy for loving him and dies in the arms of his beloved brother, this being one of the saddest scenes of this work.

It should be noted that the Ace’s story it hasn’t been yet fully addressedonly through little flashbacks that could be seen during the Wano arc, because before belonging to the Whitebeard Pirates, Fire Fist Ace visited this island and made some friends.

Ace promised to release Wano

Ace promised that he would free Wano from Kaido's clutches.

Ace promised that he would free Wano from Kaido’s clutches.

During his early days as a pirate, Ace made his way to the new world with the desire to be known and win relevance in the seas.

In the middle of one of his many adventures, five years before the current timeline, Ace arrives in Wano with his crew, the Spade Pirateswhen entering this country they see all the calamities experienced by the people of this islandbecause they are under the oppression of Kaido and Orochi, who are the ones who control this place.

The Spade Pirates, Ace's former crew before joining Whitebeard

The Spade Pirates, Ace’s former crew before joining Whitebeard

Also, moved by the situation in this country, Ace helps them get food and water the inhabitants of this place, creating a great bond of friendship with them.

Ace, determined to change this situation, headed for Onigashima along with his crew for the purpose of challenging Kaido. However, upon arriving there, the Captain of the Beasts Pirates was not in the place.

Fire Fist Ace, seize the moment and start attacking Kaido’s castle, where casually meets Yamato, the daughter of this Beast Pirate, quickly go into battle. However, both realize that they are not enemies, so the confrontation culminates and a relationship is forged. friendship between the two.

Seeing as Kaido was not on site, Ace swore that he would come back and defeat kaido to free Wano Country from his malevolent clutches.

Ace’s bond with Otama and Yamato

Ace formed a great bond with Otama during his tour of Wano.

Ace formed a great bond with Otama during his tour of Wano.

During his time in Wano, Ace formed great links with some inhabitants of this island, because he helped them when they needed it most. He even had the courage to go all the way to Onigashima to challenge kaidodespite the fact that this was not found in the place.

Ace formed a very strong bond with Otama, whom he met after his arrival in Wano, since his village had a shortage of food and water, which this pirate helped to get. Quickly, Ace becomes close friends with Otama and tells her that he will turn this island into a place where she can eat as much as you like.

Likewise, Otama immediately looks at Ace with deep admiration and asks him to take the sea with him. However, Otama was too young at the time to undertake such an adventure, so Fire Fist Ace promises her that the will take with him the next time he goes to Wano.

Otama, lived all that time waiting for Ace to come back to Wanosince this country is isolated from the rest, never found out about the death of this pirate.

On the other hand, Ace meets Yamato, during his raid on Onigashima when he was attacking Kaido’s castle, they both quickly end up being friends and share a little sake, Ace takes advantage of the moment and talks to the Beast Pirate’s daughter about his Luffy’s younger brother.

Ace promised Yamato that they would meet again.

Ace promised Yamato that they would meet again.

During the moment they are sharing sake, Yamato makes a Vivre card for Ace and she keeps a pieceafter this, both say goodbye and promise to meet again again.

However, that moment never arrivedthis being one of the flashbacks more sad about Ace’s tour of Wano.

Ace’s flashbacks in Wano have made his death more painful

The details of Ace's adventures in Wano have brought back the sadness of his death, making it more painful than it already was.

The details of Ace’s adventures in Wano have brought back the sadness of his death, making it more painful than it already was.

Wano’s arc has allowed know a little more about Ace’s adventures during that country, reliving all moments and links I believe with the inhabitants of that island.

These flashbacks showed more information about the personality that Ace had and the great similarity that Luffy has with himsince both had somewhat similar ideals and goals.

After all the details that were shown about Ace’s life, it has been relived the bitter memory of his deathmaking it more painful than it already was.