One Piece: This Embroidered Chopper is the best you’ll see today

One Piece is one of the most important anime works to date and its great success has not stopped now that it is releasing its current Wano Country arc in which we have been learning the great secrets of the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates. One of the most outstanding characters in the entire series is, without a doubt, Tony Tony Chopper and this adorable embroidery shows why.

Several positive reactions have flooded Reddit following the post that an English-speaking user, named u / Pale_Situation, made yesterday. We are talking about an embroidery of Tony Tony Chopper, where he shows us the meticulous work behind this One Piece fanart that captivated many people. “Tony Tony Chopper, samurai of Wano kuni, I made this hand embroidered piece, what do you think?” It is the description that accompanies the image that the user uploaded, making it clear that it is a tribute to our iconic One Piece character.

Original User Post

Some of the responses to u / Pale_Situation in his One Piece fan art were the following:

“The coolest thing I’ve seen on this network for a long time. If you do more things like this I’d love to see them, great job! 👌 “

With that face he will defeat BM and Kaido, tenderly

My mother does needlepoint. I’m going to send her this and reprimand her if she doesn’t make me one herself. This is so 🔥

To which the user clarified that it is the third piece of One Piece that he makes, along with many other creations that he has made, as we can see in his profile. For example, another of his most incredible fan-arts is the Ghost Princess Perona, in which he shows the character that we love so much about this ghost. We hope that very soon you will be encouraged to share more of your incredible work:

one piece chopper fan art bordado

Who is Chopper from One Piece?

Tony Tony Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece, whose appearance is characterized mainly by his blue nose, a trait that no other reindeer possesses.. He is 7 or 15 in human form, making him the youngest of the crew. In addition, it is known by the reindeer-humanoid form and, although it is often mistaken for a raccoon, in the form of “Brain Point”(Reindeer-humanoid) that he adopts, actually this description refers to a Japanese term.

This character from One Piece has had an evolution in its name “Tonakai” means “reindeer”, hence the name “Tony”. But, on the other hand, in its counterpart which is the “Heavy Point”, it looks like a yeti or a gorilla. And although he is a hybrid being, the representation that this user has made of Chopper perfectly reflects the tender and shy personality of this character.

Chopper de One Piece

A rather funny curiosity about Tony Tony Chopper is that when he sees someone injured, he gets very scared and begins to ask for help around him, until he remembers that he is a doctor. As if it were a first grade medical student. Usually he tries to hide when someone intimidates him. He acts like a child, since he is afraid of danger and sometimes runs away from fighting, but will do so if it is necessary to protect a member of the crew or his allies. Although he is not clear about his role in the crew, he is quite faithful, capable of feeling love and will do everything in his power to fulfill the mission that has been entrusted to him. This is what makes Chopper one of the favorite characters.

The quality of the embroidery, the colors and the precision of the stitches, with a very careful needle stitch technique, is a proof of the talent and dedication that exists among the fandom. We will soon hope that another fan will surprise us with a wonderful fanart, to pay tribute to each of our favorite series. If you are a fan of One Piece, let’s hope that this great artist returns to portray some of your favorite characters as he has done so far, we invite you to know the rest of his work on Reddit.