One Piece: This female Zoro cosplay is perfect and the best thing you will see today

A cosplayer made an impressive recreation of Zoro in the Wano arc.

The cast of One Piece is known for its memorable characters, which has made the series a benchmark for pirate adventures, of course. That, and that the secrets surrounding the pirates have either been in front of the readers’ eyes for a long time or, rather, end up tying up the loose ends that were needed to understand many events of One Piece, really surprise their audience every time. once again.

In this sense, it is no secret to anyone that Eiichiro Oda has done a great construction of his characters, so now they are in the imagination, creativity and dedication of the fans outside of their own universe. Whether it’s because they have an impressive story behind their careers, have accomplished feats that are hard to replicate, or because they’re just adorable, they managed to win the hearts of their fans in different ways.

Logically, like any of the series, we all have a favorite. And the proof is that many of the fans not only recognize the characteristics of the character as a fundamental part of the series and often discuss his attributes in Internet forums as feedback; but some tend to pay homage to them in very specific and original ways.

Among these latest displays of affection, cosplay is one of the most deeply rooted traditions in the community of fans of shonen series. For many years the audience has dedicated several hours, money and effort to recreate the portrait of their favorite characters. Hence, we constantly see practically works of art brought to the real world. And, taking into account that One Piece is one of the most influential series in the entertainment industry, it is evident that the characters have their respective update or recreation by their fans.


Roronoa Zoro is one of the most prominent swordsmen in One Piece.

Zoro comes to real life

Despite the fact that a large part of One Piece readers are fascinated by Luffy’s powers -which is not for less, since he is the protagonist- and his recent discoveries about the origin of these, does not mean that there are not other members of the Straw Hat crew whom fans have great admiration for.

An example of this is Roronoa Zoro, also known as the Pirate Hunter, due to his past as a bounty hunter. He is one of the two swordsmen in the Straw Hat crew. He holds the title of being the first member to join the crew, followed by Luffy and Sanji, and the dream that he basically shares with his companions is to conquer the seas with his swordsman powers.

Currently your reward is 1,111,000,000 berries, being the second highest, only after Luffy. This is because Luffy’s Fifth Gear It involved the biggest win they’ve ever had over Kaido in the Wano arc. And, after the conclusion of the story arc, we have not yet seen Zoro quarrel. In fact, we don’t know anything about him since his battle against the Beast Pirates. To be more exact, against King.

But as One Piece sets the stage for what follows, an Instagram cosplayer known as shaows has temporarily brought Zoro back, with his recognizable style in Wano, where the swordsman of the crew possesses great musculature and, of course, demonstrated new skills resulting from his exhaustive training to dodge the dangerous attacks of Orochi and Kaido.

Below you can see this great cosplay showing zoroone of the most important characters in One Piece history:


Zoro cosplay original post.

So far, we don’t know what’s in store for Zoro in the events of one piece, since there seems to be no sign that the franchise has any big plans for him. Although it could be that he fights hand to hand with Luffy, while the latter learns to master his new powers. Thus, the Pirates series still has its eyes on Luffy and Dr. Vegapunk, of which there has been a great deal of speculation about his identity and the story that has led him to get rid of his enormous brain. So the events of the Grand Line will very surely point to the true location of One Piece’s treasure, but only then can we know the truth.