One Piece: This figure +18 of Sanji invites you to eat his delicious hot dog

There is nothing like +18 anime figures, and this is it; “Kimetsu no Yaiba“, “Shingeki no Kyojin“, “Evangelion“… there are many franchises that have fallen prey of feeling horny of the community, and many more that will end up falling. Today, precisely, we have the return of one that was already part of the phenomenon on a previous occasion. yes i’m talking about “One Piece” and this time of the most iconic cook of the work: Sanji.

This One Piece Sanji figure will make you hungry

Because, in fact, there is no better way to make a sexual joke with a character who works in the kitchen… turn your hot dog into a gastronomic hot dog (I leave you the censored images of WeAreAnimeCollectors, but in this tweet you will find them UNCENSORED):

Simply amazing, and with all kinds of accessories also to take care of even the smallest detail. That said, this is all the information you need to keep in mind for this +18 “One Piece” figure:

  • you can find the figure in WeAreAnimeCollectors for a price of 279 US dollars. Also available in GK Figure’s shop for a price of 380 singapore dollars. ❗
  • The approximate dimensions of this One Piece piece are as follows: 31x20x19 centimeters. ✔️
  • Currently There are 288 units in the first store and 188 units in the second store.. It is expected that the figure of Sanji will begin to be distributed among its buyers from first quarter of 2023. ❗
  • The figure as a whole includes the following components:
    • Three different types of Sanji’s hot dog (hard, soft and real hot dog). ✔️
    • 2 different colored aprons. ✔️
    • Multiple accessories for the table and dishes they can move freely. ✔️

What a joy, what a fuss, another pilot puppy in this fashion that I am convinced that, at this point, will never end. The big question now is: What franchise or character will be the next to fall into the hands of the lust of figure manufacturers? Of course it’s worth watching out for.

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