One Piece: this figurine of Roronoa Zoro Banpresto is hot

One Piece is an essential manga and anime for bookstores and the small screen. Its creator, Eiichirō Oda, is not done with it since it is still in production. As a reminder, there are 103 volumes and no less than 1025 episodes to watch. Today, we invite you to discover a very beautiful figurine of a well-known character, namely Roronoa Zoro.

One Piece : the best-selling manga in the world

One Piece was launched in 1997 in the famous weekly magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump, but for us in France, we had to wait until September 2000. You should also know that it is the best-selling manga in the world and the best-selling series drawn by a single author. There have been more than 516 million copies sold worldwide most of them in Japan.

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As a reminder, the story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who has the distinction of having an elastic body like rubber. He wasn’t born that way, he became one after accidentally eating a devil fruit. Since then, the latter travels the seas with his Straw Hat crew in search of the ultimate treasure known as One Piece.

1661172404 669 One Piece this figurine of Roronoa Zoro Banpresto is hot

Regarding the figurine, it represents Roronoa Zoro. He is highlighted with a very nice black outfit, a red belt and his katanas. It is full of details. He is seen smiling and even his scar over his eye is present. This is a Banpresto model from Bandai, whose finish is exemplary.

To order it, you can do it on this shop, it is priced at 34 euros.

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