One Piece: this great mystery about Devil Fruits finally solved by Eiichiro Oda

In the chapter 1069 of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda tell us more about the Devil Fruit through Vegapunk. Here is what we now know.

/! This article contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1069. If you want to keep the surprise, do not continue reading. /!

This unexpected connection between Luffy and an ancient god

Despite its 25 years of existence, the manga One Piece continues to surprise fans with unexpected revelations. In the latest chapter, the 1069th, Eiichiro Oda teaches us a little more about Devil Fruits. It must be admitted that despite their central place in the plot and especially in the world of One Piece, these still remain shrouded in mystery today. Just a few weeks ago, we learned in chapter 1064 that the name “Devil Fruit” came from the fact that these fruits are precisely the incarnation of demons who push for a pact: a power against the impossibility to swim. For more details, it’s this way. But it is a completely different explanation to which we now have the right.

If he was always presented to us as the greatest genius of the work of Eiichiro Oda, Vegapunk took time to show itself to readers, finally in the form of an old man, cliché of the mad scientist. If you are told about Vegapunk, it is because he is the one who finally revealed what could well be the true origin of the Devil Fruits. This theory, which remains to be confirmed, came to him after he saw Luffy using the Gear 5, a shape that “exactly resembles the god mentioned in ancient documents” : “the Liberation Warrior who is always cheerful and puts a smile on people’s faces, also known as Nika, the Sun God”.

One Piece this great mystery about Devil Fruits finally solved

The Sea Punishes Devil Fruit Consumers

Vegapunk’s theory leaves the reader to interpret his words, since it’s unclear if that would mean that Luffy somehow embodies a new version of an ancient god. Either way, this leads the scientist to imagine that Devil Fruit “appear to be a desired new stage in the potential evolution of life”. According to Vegapunk, if these fruits are cursed by the waters, it would be because they have “each of them presents a different possibility for the future of humanity” and therefore allow those who consume them to change who they really are, altering the natural course of things.

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The problem is that this is not natural: “These things are, of course, unnatural. So it only makes sense that they would incur the wrath of Mother Nature, the sea itself! He who has eaten a fruit lives a totally alien life born of the limitless permutations of the imagination “. To put it simply, the Devil Fruits would therefore make it possible to modify its nature, which explains why nature itself rejects those who have eaten it. If Vegapunk specifies that this is “[sa] theory”, this one is all the more plausible because it is both logical and stated by the most intelligent man who exists!