One Piece: This is everything you need to know about Buggy’s new crew

It seems that it will not be just any enemy to defeat…

The Cross Guild is a new organization created by Yonko Buggy and its role in the story is very important. This article will not contain spoilers, but it will delve into what little we know about this new crew in One Piece.if you prefer to read it on your own, we recommend doing it through the application of MangaPlus by Shueisha.

With the fall of two of the Four Emperors that we knew until the Wano arc (Kaido and Big Mom), it was a fact that the balance of power in the New World would begin to change. In One Piece 1056, it was finally revealed that now a completely new organization has been established: Cross Guild, Buggy’s crew. While not everything about it has been revealed yet, its existence has sent a series of revelations for the New World and greatly changed the balance of power in the One Piece world.

one piece buggy cross guild

One Piece has revealed the Cross Guild crew, Buggy as the captain, and Sir Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk as the crew.

With the unbelievably large number of allies this pirate had acquired over the last two years and the connections he had with Shanks, it was pretty easy to see why Buggy drew so much attention from other powerful New World pirates. But, if Buggy finally managed to become Emperor of the Sea thanks to his great power and authority, it means that his alliances would become more important. The establishment of this organization means that the many powerful pirates who are being hunted down by the World Government can now seek refuge under the name Buggy. In the New World, one can oppose the Emperors or take refuge under the name. As such, Buggy’s influence will continue to grow as will his power, thanks to the Cross Guild..

Cross Guild is undoubtedly a massive organization with several powerful pirates. However, at the moment, we only know three of its members. As it was mentioned already, the organization is headed by Buggy. He is seen as the leader of the group, although the exact dynamic within the organization is unknown, just below him are Dracule Mihawk and Sir Crocodile.

Buggy’s crew members in One Piece

After Buggy comes the world’s greatest swordsman in One Piece, Dracule Mihawk. Mihawk is one of the former Shichibukai who fought against the Marines after the dissolution of the system.. This warrior is widely recognized as one of the world’s strongest characters in the entire franchise and is arguably the strongest member of the Cross Guild. In the past, he was a rival to Shanks and, while not necessarily as strong as the Yonko, his influence and pedigree are immense.

one piece buggy cross guild

Dracule Mihawk and Sir Crocodile are the two most powerful pirates in Buggy’s crew in One Piece.

Sir Crocodile is the last known member of the Cross Guild. Crocodile stopped being a Shichibukai after Luffy defeated him during the Alabasta arc.. After defeating him, he was locked in Impel Down Level 6. During the great prison break led by Luffy shortly before the Paramount War, Crocodile. Since then, he is most likely growing in both power and influence, and currently, he is most likely one of the strongest pirates in the New World.

The Cross Guild functions similarly to a Yonko crew and it is only by its existence that Buggy has been recognized as one of the Emperors of the Sea. Yet at the same time the Cross Guild is doing something no pirate in the history of the world has done. world of One Piece has ever done. As Kid mentioned, Buggy, the leader of the Cross Guild, has started giving out bounties for the Marines. For the first time, Marines are being hunted by pirates and bounty hunters..

one piece buggy cross guild

Buggy’s crew in One Piece is the first to offer rewards for hunting marines.

Now the world of One Piece seems to be even more chaotic than ever and with new rules never seen before. The Admirals and Vice Admirals of the Marine Corps are being heavily persecuted and have been given huge bounties, which generates a direct counterweight to your pirate hunt. As such, the Cross Guild appears to be the most dangerous pirate organization on the seas today. While fans only know a few of their members, it is a given that they have several other pirates and bounty hunters within their ranks. With such tremendous power, they will surely turn the tide of this turbulent era.